Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Peter Legierse 19 January 2019

                   (Peter Legierse, 1981)

Handed over to
Take a seat, back straight,
Looking at
     -Croquied boyfriend's find
     -Envisioning mine,
     -Outstretched neck
     -Carried head;
Chair's wood hard, basement's
Ceiling low, white, square
Panels, packed:
Art; paint; foil;
     -Extended shoulders,
     -Collar, ears, head's dome,
     -Eyebrows, eyes,
     -Nose, mouth lines;
Scratching soldiered on
In storage squalor,
     -Tactile red and blue
     -T-shirt stripes spelled out
Water tongued under
Door, followed by mop
Sounds, knock, mop
Head, handle,
     -Dollop thinned allowed
     -Unquenched, a
Spirited defense
Launched: 'No flood, small leak,'
Calloused hands
Made a bowl,
     -Ferreted out strokes
     -Curls merited in
Two women moseyed
Pushing laundry carts,
Spanglish soaked
Through marled shoes,
     -Black sculpted, careened
     -Tan, crenellated
     -Face, plumage
Doomsday workboots thumped
Overhead, dragging
Heavy load...


underdrawing dessan


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