Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Reading List

Without knowing most of the sitters, (although I had heard Charles Ludlam's actor's voice, and had dinner with Patrick Angus), I lacked having a voice in my mind as I wrote about the rest of them, relying on books by, or about them which I could find. The internet, especially Wikipedia, was invaluable, as were the books below:

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While not books, phone calls/emails with Arthur Lambert, the Reverend Rob Stuart, and hours spent as a proactive sitter for Maine artist, Peter Bals, have to be noted as sources. I was able to bring many of the portraits so we could talk about them during 'show and tell' breaks at Peter's studio. 

, 2018.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Francis Boushay 4 February 2021

                  (Francis Boushay 1983)

Stared straight ahead in
Optometric pose,
Asked to, 'Pick 
A wall spot,'
     -Headshot examined,
     -Inspiration pulled
     -From the eyes
     -Toward viewer;
'My preferred name is 
Francis, "i, s," at
The end, not 
"Frank," "Frances,"'
     -Fancied having his 
     -Portrait painted by
     -Me, asked for
     -A 'good one;'
'I am "the love of
His life," he told me, 
Over the
     -Conflicts telegraphed,
     -Stripes regulated
     -The strands of
     -Tangled hair;
'Do you believe in
Love at first sight?' mint
Unwrapped from
     -Candy freshened breath
     -Pushed across room, his
     -Fingers scratched
     -At collar;
Dollars flattened out
In pocket, 'Has this-
Love- happened
To you, too?'
     -He'd have known the whole
     -Story from the guys
     -Who'd referred
     -Him to me;
'It's a long distance
Relationship right
Now, his work's
On West Coast,'
     -As was mine once, him-
     -California- me-
     -New York- now
     -We're both here;
'Going to sort the
Details over time
To find what
Works out best,'
     -Back and forth, with two
     -Apartments, boys on
     -The side, needs
'Lots of men hanging
On the walls. Are they
Friends of yours?'
     -He smirked, as his eyes
     -Pivoted from walls
     -Back to me,
     -His heels bounced;
'I'm curious how 
This works, brushing wet
Paint against
A canvas,'
     -Eyes riveted on
     -Alex's, and Ken's,
     -Larger than
     -Life faces;
'Always comes down to
Size, doesn't it, and
I went with
A small one,'
     -What size allowed, less
     -Enlargement, than an
     -Into whole;
'You do this every
Day, painting, drawing,
Looking at
Boys' faces?'
     -What look like one-offs
     -Built over tries to
     -Get it right,
     -Find likeness;
'It seems like you have
Regulars stopping
By, and some
Coming once,'
     -Beats staring into
     -A mirror doing
     -Of myself;
'Can I take a glance
At it while you are
Still painting,
On a break?'
     -Strokes continued, it's
     -Done, overplaying 
     -Risks losing
     -All of it;
'It looks like me, but
Too serious? Stiff?
Although there's
Something else,'
     -Which takes from within,
     -Bringing it
     -To surface;
'You have to keep your
Eyes on it to catch
What I think
I can see,
     -Light tones focused eyes,
     -Suggested features
     -With motion.

4 February 2021


Friday, October 16, 2020

Ken(nan) Gault 26 December 2020

                       (Ken Gault 1982)

'I wanted to be
Like him,' like Peter
Bock, to be
Peter Bock,
     -I took in Ken Gault, 
     -Drew his face oval,
     -Neck lines to
     -His shoulders;
I wanted his grace,
I paid to
Bring him home,
     -Ears, nose, mouth, with lips
     -Sewn tight, his silence
     -Kept session
For less than rent, I
Had ownership; peered,
What he thought,
     -Crayoned some head hair,
     -Worked between colors
     -Of his plaid
     -Shirt, and eyes;
Traded dead air for
Man-made, intimate
He was hung,
     -Wary expression
     -Eluded more than
We are connected
Through ex's, 'couldas,
Shouldas,' shares
At the Pines,
     -Invited tricks would
     -Roleplay naked lines
     -With complete
'I was a mummy,'
Bandages costumed
     -Linkages presumed 
     -Staged, histrionic
     -Of housemates;
Hausfraus hummed of their
Experience to
     -Marched to the beats of
     -A dedicated,
     -Drummer boy
Different montage
Predicated search
For inner
Most batboy,
     -Clued on preference
     -Promulgated WASP
     -To frat boys;
Paid to commingle
With hotel guests, hewed
To 5 Oaks
     -Waylaid by poets'
     -Friends, window shopped by
     -West Broadway
Fabulous: fiction;
Fact; (Waldorf
     -Hauled out family
     -Jewels for
Bald-faced disclosure
Kept zipped up yule log's 
Warm, drizzled,
After bite,
     -180 degrees
     -Of separation
Spared KS eclipse
Warranted pallor
For full-blown
     -A dearth of bare mooned
     -Perversity palmed
     -In austere;
Fulsome hindquarters,
Beano calmed, tooted
Last boyfriend's
Best gossip,
     -Lip serviced forest    
     -For the trees in it,
     -Close pursuit
Fancied hirsute cloth
Penance applying
     -Conte accompli,
     -While bandied about
     -Languished with
     -The spectral;
Some doubt distinguished, 
That conflicts
Be resolved,
     -Subsumption involved,
     -Spouted sepia
     -To depict
28 December 2020


Friday, September 11, 2020

Patrick Porter 20 January 2020

                   (Patrick Porter 1983)

                     (Patrick Porter 1981)

                       (Patrick Porter)

Camera shy you

Couldn't be among

Eyes counting

On a shot,

     -Delicately drawn

     -Out from collegiate 

     -Field to share 

     -A hot house;

Understood to be


Straight- intrigue


     -Wolves gathered at the

     -Doorways, under the

     -Windows, or


Strong armed chaperones


A tea dance


     -Tones commensurate

     -Unlocked prefigured


     -In profile;

Temple gyrated,

While beauty and its

Beasts engaged

In worship,

     -Redirected gaze




Tabula rasa,

Demure conveyor

Of sublime


     -Collective pastel,

     -Kabbalah readings



Neutral observer,    

Copse copulation,


Shower crowds,

     -Reverse portrayal

     -Isolated, ground



Singular, table 

Voices divulged honed

Gossip with

Cutting bite,

     -Mundane disclosures


     -Absorbed by

     -Gessoed skim;

Guest ancestries staged,

Epidermis beige

Tanned, buffed with


     -Brown hair coarsened, eyes

     -Skirmished with dog day 

     -Kin, tongue licked

     -Sun chapped lips, 

Three seasons en plein

Air exhibition



     -Hockney snapped cedar

     -Framed, showering boy,

     -By artist's


Faced back, distinctions

Shrank to remnants in

Super 8


     -Business attired,

     -Crisp, white shirt, knotted

     -Necktie of

     -Coaxed portrait.

20 January 2021









Christopher Makos 16 January 2021

               (Christopher Makos 1969)

Documenting fast
Forward flashpoints from
     -Evocative pose
     -Studied in pigment
     -Without a
     -Set pretext;
Rolls of exposures
Developed on sheets
Their context,
     -Diced composition
     -Expounded over
     -Carte blanche propped
     -On easel;
Captioned sightings time
Stamped generation,
Black and white
Filled in blanks,
     -Fresco appointment,
     -Extempore sketch,
Happenstance, minute,
Parterre swivels of
Heads, arms, hands, 
Legs, and feet,
     -Finite comeuppance,
     -Chest, arms, hand;
Arrived, departed,
Z scale boxcars hauled
Mortal freight,
     -Brutal space supplied
     -For miniscule limbs
     -In fashion;
Guided scrutiny
Picked through buried trash,
Declared finds
Lost treasures,
     -Mise en scene smoked through
     -Cigarettes, ashes
     -In foam cups;
Fourth wall interlude,
Imposed third
Degree burns,
     -Village, hinterland,
     -Stonewall rioters
     -Repulsed with
Safety pins, razors,
Pricked, sliced, skin; black boots, 
Leather belts,
Lashed eyebrows;
     -Overturned trash cans,
     -Garbage, bottles, rocks,
     -Site bricks winged;
Hustler's bulging, black
Jeans solicited 
Johns, against
Building wall;
     -Bouncer at peephole
     -Eyed would-be patrons,
     -Stalled by door;
Punk rock trio stood
Entrance, begged
     -Cash for drink tickets-
     -No liquor license-
     -Black walls, black
     -Lights, dance floors;
Candid shot, three males
Pissed, spaced apart, at
     -No running water,
     -No fire exits,
     -The toilets
David Johansen,
Richard Hell photo
Op, backstage
     -Gayola payoffs,
     -Wall Street employees
     -Blackmailed by
Man Ray's official
Passport reproduced
Over two,
Clean pages,
     -Lined up, carded, cops
     -Threatened pictures for
Lance Loud in profile
At boudoir mirror,
Vogue covered,
Crouching male,
     -Effeminate men,
     -Men dressed in full drag,
     -Taken out;
Divine, movie star,
Interviewed next to
John Waters,
     -Handcuffed woman, hit
     -With baton, asked crowd,
     -'Why don't you...
     -Do something?'

 16 January 2021    





Raymond Foye 30 January 2021

                   (Raymond Foye 1981)

Watched from behind the

Scenes, as Bob, Rene,

And Eric, 


     -Dodged pose, pressed into

     - Paper edge, shaken

     -When fledglings

     -Hit concrete;

I can't sleep on floors,

Bum cigarettes, beg 

For my food

On the streets,

     -Wisecrack with wordsmiths

     -Wearing their prep school

     -Blazers to

     -Drink cocktails;

Got to be outside  

Of my head to hear



     -Coffee shop windows 

     -Muffled shoplifted 

     -Faces from 

     -Rumors spread;

Seeing something through

Someone else's eyes,


Wear new clothes,

     -Stream of consciousness

     -Dares you: colourful



I can remember

Thinking, 'How can I

Do that?' while


     -Skate the treachery

     -Of benefactors,


     -Ice thickness;

Or eliminate 



Of art books,

     -To delineate, 

     -With refined brush strokes, 

     -Eros of

     -Spines subtly;

Pile quotidian,

'Til emotional


Have surfaced,

     -Dial cerulean

     -Static reception

     -So signal


Poet delegates:

Each a camera

'Nailed on bone,'

Then dispersed,

     -Words, which 'sledgehammered

     -White walls', misprinted,



'Would you wear my eyes?'

Mattress disheveled,


From steel cage,'

     -'Rimbaud bleeds over

     -My stolen pants,' 'dipped

     -In poems,' to

     -'Wrap my corpse;'

'Painter, paint me a 

Jail,' in the red paint,


Dog whistled,'

     -We devoured each

     -Other word by word,

     -'Plucking rolled

     -Balls of sound;'

'Bathroom stalls have ears,'

So share no secrets,

Billie's pitch

Stuck to walls,

     -'Doctors hide foreskin

     -Strips inside chart notes,'

     -'Strangle with

     -Noose of books;'

'Jazz, listen to it

At your own risk,' with

The needle

Going down,

     -'Songs are like tattoos,'

     -Razored blues, speakers

     -Blasted in


The carefully made,

Startling beautiful,


Of lost time,    

     -The fully bared, laid 

     -Out, encumbrance of



Journals, notebooks, dumped, 

Retrieved, burnt, soaked, dried:

Words, arranged,


     -Radiator steamed,

     -Painted over, torn,



'I can get very

Bored with my own things,' 

The mourning

Of a poem,

     -'I sit here writing

     -For fear of seeing

     -What's outside

     -(Of) my head.' 


  30 January 2021     






















Tuesday, September 1, 2020

William S. Burroughs 19 November 2020


                           (William Burroughs 1983)

Fearful of nightmares,


Little men

Playing house,

     -Terror of nightmares,

      -Melancholic tones

     -Textured by

     -Fear, guilt, rage;

'Ghostly grey figures, 

Apparition of 

Green reindeer

In the woods,' 

     -Nude figures cut out,

     -Genitals cut off,

     -Scissors gripped

     -By stained hand;

Red phosphorus mixed

With potassium

Chlorate, black

Powder bombs,

     -Sudden outbursts sprayed

     -Explosive temper,


     -Forces stirred;

Pistol in shoulder

Holster, assembled,

Pin readied

Tommy Gun,

     -Gun metal rifles

     -Pulled off walls, pointed,

     -Brown bovines

     -Switch their tails;

'Let me show it to

You... real beauty...I

Love the feel

In my hand,'

     -Chain smoked cigarettes

     -Sucked down, stomped out, in

     -Back-room bars

     -Swilling beers;

'You Can't Win' spelled it

Out: if found unlike 

Others, best

Keep apart,

     -Underdog's quick wit

     -Joking undermined


     -When cornered;

Boy, 'gibbon,' measured,

Weighed, Harvard lectured,



     -Draftsman aped student,

     -Won Cooper Union



Thinking dissected,

Finger severed, son


To parents,

     -Entry-level job

     -Mindless, next job, wrist 



Flunked enlistment, ducked

Draft, copywriter,

Bug sprayer,

Writ server,

     -Piece de resistance

     -Boy wonder flunkey,

     -A saddle


Jack, junk, Huncke, Allen,

Joan, Neal, orgone box,

Billy, Kells,

In snapshots,

     -Arthur, David, A.,

     -Henry, Ellsworth, B.,

     -Barnett, Hans,

     -The cutout;

New York, Texas, New 

Orleans, Mexico, 

Tangier, 'Lunch,'

Tri fold-ins,

     -Europe, Africa,

     -Europe, Florida,

     -Five Village

     -Subway stops;


Disembodied graft

Absorbed male,

Oozed female,

     -Cordially sublime

     -Beauty encompassed



Possessed by evil

Spirit, the sentence:



     -Recessed conflicting

     -Emotions in paint

     -Strokes, drunk blind

     -Hailed their cabs;

Interzone routines




     -Workspace frequented

     -By local poets

     -And artists,

     -Keen sitters;

Cartographer's script,

Detritus, mixed for



     -Photographer's kit,

     -Art supplies, art books,

     -Painted, stacked


(Stock characters), Gimp,

Vigilante, Rube,

Shake Man, Kid,

Doctor, Nurse,

     -Big city slicker 

     -Denizens, Village


     -His subjects;

Moved to the Bunker,

Once YMCA 

Boys' locker, 


     -Drinkers' noise sector,

     -Basement studio, 

     -Shadow of

     -Ninth Circle;

Midwest twang read out

Practiced underground


To the rapt,

     -Lidless edginess

     -Trapped on surfaces

     -Bled into


Narrative driven

By daily typing 

In drink, drugs,

Induced trance,


     -Alcohol, depressed,



Rodent bitten draft

Manuscript, pasted

Over bits

And pieces,

     -Candid pencil takes

     -Instinctively pierced



Voices posturing,

Visions mirrored back,



     -Choices pestering,

     -Decisions battered,

     -Buttressed eye

     -Zeroed in;

Introspective, self 

Analyzed, odd man


Appraised all,

     -Extrospective half

     -Canonised surplice


     -Doubt sayers;

Wages, allowance,

Bail, drug sales, crop sales,



     -Scholarship, wages,

     -Companionship, trips,

     -Grantee, sales,


Mote, Laura, Billy;

Giorno, Ginsberg, 

James; Ian,

Mort, felines,

     -Alice, Arthur, Tim;

     -John, Julia Mayo;

     -Holly, Charles;

     -And Sidney;

'Cities of the Red

Night,' fiction refuge,

Cragged nova


     -Grit of the red eyed

     -Oracle's formal,



19 November 2020