Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Peter Legierse 19 January 2019

                   (Peter Legierse, 1981)

Handed over to
Take a seat, back straight,
Looking at
     -Croquied boyfriend's find
     -Envisioning mine,
     -Outstretched neck
     -Carried head;
Chair's wood hard, basement's
Ceiling low, white, square
Panels, packed:
Art; paint; foil;
     -Extended shoulders,
     -Collar, ears, head's dome,
     -Eyebrows, eyes,
     -Nose, mouth lines;
Scratching soldiered on
In storage squalor,
     -Tactile red and blue
     -T-shirt stripes spelled out
Water tongued under
Door, followed by mop
Sounds, knock, mop
Head, handle,
     -Dollop thinned allowed
     -Unquenched, a
Spirited defense
Launched: 'No flood, small leak,'
Calloused hands
Made a bowl,
     -Ferreted out strokes
     -Curls merited in
Two women moseyed
Pushing laundry carts,
Spanglish soaked
Through marled shoes,
     -Black sculpted, careened
     -Tan, crenellated
     -Face, plumage
Doomsday workboots thumped
Overhead, dragging
Heavy load...


underdrawing dessan


Thursday, November 15, 2018

(John Bernd?)

                        (John Bernd?)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

John Conway 1 January 2019

                     (John Conway, 1981)
                      (Self-portrait, 1981)

I'm flipping through a
Manila folder's
     -I'd asked for some type
     -Of drawing paper,
     -Got a small,
     -White, square, sheet;
Sitting across from
A thirty-one year
Old, newly
     -Left hand steadied sheet,
     -Right studied bottom
Male resident, with
Prior psychotic
     -Inmate hung bootleg,
     -Haunted poster on
     -Line railing;
An alcoholic,
'Distraught,' low
     -Trance blinked eyes reclaim
     -From fine-tooth combing,
     -Gold, to mud,
     -To saddle;
Height, weight, vital signs;
Medications; blood
Work; observed
     -Sobbers and saviours
     -Mined seams with pickaxe,
     -Stripping out
Empirical lob,
Hand to eye
     -Scrawled, empathetic
     -Conceit abandoned
     -Restraint's glossed
Confined within boxed
     -Dissonance ravaged
     -Face, rendolent of
     -Nightmare sweats;
Screened fenestration
Wagered emotive,
     -Diurnal, guidebook
     -Imprimatured, plunge
     -Struggled in
     -Surfaced pain;
Sluggish brain paddled
Hockney pool deep end,
Naked, an
     -Figured in, safer
     -Thought than drowning, head
     -Held beneath
     -By unknowns;
Cold turkeyed liquor's
Bloated encumbrance,
Wrung out the
Welcome mat,
     -Endured extended
     -Stay's reduced playlist,
     -Tepid by
     -Pet Shop Boys;
Rapid rejoinder
Bets the farmed out tones'
     -For whom the ghouls gel,
     -Phantoms liquify,
     -With pulp art
Staff dereliction
Curbed therapeutic,
     -Beatific curled
     -Sub rosa, compelled
     -By Attic
The Hippocratic
Brotherhood enshrined
As sacred,
     -Lines raked, lateral
     -Passes of bare hand
     -Through breaths shared
Plans aired from dumpster
Papered over the
Currents from
     -Plein air surrendered
     -To cellar's ankles,
     -Spotlights on
     -Paint chipped chair;
Grate glimpsed filmstrip stalled
Between stops,
Hot shoe flashed,
     -Blue transposition
     -Mapped white ground, umber
     -Fronts traipsed through
Overhead, penlights
Studied reaction
     -Sclera billeted
     -Abstract dilation,
Dabbling dilettant
Where fluid, challenged,
     -Gangplank shimmied, as
     -Drift fluctuated,
     -Plucked peacock
     -Feather, blood;
On wing and a prayer
Attack hit the mark,
Side effects
     -Free edge permeates
     -With dried arrangement,
     -Cure naive
Relief heralded
When cartographer's
     -Tea leaves read- mountain,
     -Journey of hindrance-
Travel light, wearing
Leather boots with thick
Soles, compass
In pocket,
     -Use diuretic,
     -To piss on all the

1 January 2019




Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Peter Groby 30 October 2018


                       (Peter Groby, 1981)

Gone, oblivious
To dank smell, waste pipe
Gush, swept off
Paper stock,
     -Blocked out, curious
     -To blot up, absorb
     -The hunger
     -With bone-in;
Honed in on shoreline
Picnic, jellied tongue
Infused with
Sweet, sour,
     -Salt tingled nostrils,
     -Charred smoke updraft bit,
     -Adding a
     -Dry heat quip;
Turkey, kosher brined,
Maple drizzled hits
Fruitwood chips
Of smoker,
     -Partakers noshed bird,
     -Complexion pallor
     -Crisped, bored through
     -Liquor clear;
Lobster marinade
On butterflied tails
Sea changed by
Waves of flame,
     -Blue and red, jacquard
     -Weave, inverted skiff,
Grilled filet mignon
Rounds, mushroom, red wine,
Minced garlic
     -(Earlobe, vestibule,
     -Earlobe); (Earlobe, chin,
     -Earlobe); (Chin,
Rib comestibles'
Dry rub fingering
Webbed bones and
     -Forest interval:
     -Floor; understory;
     -Childhood loss
McIntosh apples
Peeled, cored, chopped, water,
Sugar: sauce,
     -Puttered along blue
     -Canal, dropped anchor
     -To walk the
     -Pristine sands;
Diced, cooked, potatoes,
Bacon, red onions;
Sugar, oil,
     -Rigorous toil melds
     -Pantry basics through
Flour, water, yeast,
Salt, honey, oil; sec,
Blanc, delved, roiled,
Scraped from bowl,
     -Borne on page, colored
     -Markers tag behind
     -It all out;
Leaven relieved prone
Favoring basalt
Beige, putto
In deft hands,
     -Socket perceived bones
     -Spooled perforations,
     -Scoring real
     -With pared off;
Punched down to prayer rug,
Allah met rising
From prostrate
     -Glanced resolve conveyed
     -The substance
Proved, provocation
From fungus dissolved
Fostered at
Gut level,
     -Whites crescent, the yolks
     -Wobble, specks absorb-
     -Tarred, feathered-
Fully baked bread tapped
Hollow, crust dark brown,
Top without
     -Duly provisioned,
     -Potsticker cheeks burst
     -Sentience, smirk,
Mouthful reticent
With butter slathered
Waiter's crumbs
On guest check,
     -'You're hot. Call me.' Tip
     -Piled on to impress,
     -A bathroom's
     -Inked cartoon;
Jotted in balloon
After his butt had
Been groped while
Serving food,
     -Leveraged him nude-
     -The ass, the cheek, the
     -Pepper mill;
The twist of fate to
Shakespeare's calling, or
Chefs, prep cooks,
     -Pool depth laborer
     -Rubbed epidermis
     -Of bather
     -With suntan;
Stove, oven, walk-in,
Confinement stymied
     -Applied permanent,
     -Chalked up to
     -Passing hive;
Firmament apprised
By forkfuls meted
Out, paired with
Wine tastings,
     -Twombly worm castings
     -Wigged out color field
     -That Rothko,
     -Figured out;
Gristle pig cruller
Coughed up frog legs, a
Hunger pang,
     -Keratin, mottled,
     -Beard, unlined sleeve rolled
     -Inside out,
     -Gangly grunge;
Spinning top rattles
Pot's steel grey armor,
Green, yellow,
     -Underpinning sketch
     -Impulsively took
     -Crayon swiped
     -Red, yellow.

31 October 2018




Friday, August 3, 2018

Stuart 4 September 2018


                           (Stuart, 1983)

James ascribed sitting
For Sargent wouldn't
Convey a
Basement seat,
     -First brush, prep school clean
     -Largesse, smelling of
     -Freshly mowed
     -Soccer fields;
More storage room, paint
Cans, canvases, an
Easel, cups,
Piled papers,
     -Blue swept out, Cape Cod
     -Barometric high,
     -Salt water
     -Wake surfer;
Two draws, two exhales,
Made distinctions clear
In your head,
In your mouth,
     -Subliminal, if
     -Fingers led skin to
     -Skin, nothing
     -From your mouth;
'Hold,' always, 'Hold,' or
'Give it up,' stretched back,
Prepared for
     -Nair™ on subterfuge
     -Accreted blush tones
     -On jock's strapped
Sentiments proudly
Commandeered in time,
Bunkered sides,
     -Drank in starched, ironed
     -Cotton left to ride
     -Bike's freefall;
Shirt's a shirt, hiked, tucked,
Have to wear something
More formal
Than t-shirt,
     -'Streetcar,' or 'Rebel,'
     -Brando, or
     -James Dean, T's;
Okay for gym class
As a kid when school
Issued, or
Weekend sports,
     -Weakness courted if
     -Yellows, blues
Doctor, dentist, home,
     -Dark brown, gold, corn floss,
     -Carded tendrils, brushed
     -Pale forehead;
Told I should read more,
Look at art, chalk up
Failures to
Rushing things
     -Pushing swings into
     -Blue contrivance, sky's
     -The limit
     -When boxed in;
Pugilist prowess
Contact plays
On team sports,
     -Fixed exhortation
     -Wordless, speaks
     -For someone.

4 September 2018


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Michael Misove 6 August 2018

                  (Michael Misove, 1983)

Rumpled pulled on Cheer,
Malboros, sweat, to
Sit across
From slurper,
     -Percolated dregs
     -Scalded throat, binder
     -Swirled powder
     -Coated folds;
Residue taken
Up for scrutiny,
Sleeves rolled to
Pelted arms,
     -Which crayoned hairline,
     -Broadened neckline seam,
     -Provoked the
Probably weighed the
Same in the service,
'Til revoked,
And thrown out,
     -No anchors aweigh
     -In crackerjack and
     -Dixie cup,
     -Full dress mast;
Discharged: corrupting
Nuts to butts recruits,
Top bunk raised
Bottoms up,
     -Stroke by stroke stacked up
     -Shots across the bowels,
Sent back broke, luggage
Collected, letter's
Content flawed,
     -Drawing ground muddied,
     -Ventral plane, swerved from
     -Mired, heads
     -Toward safe berth;
Dust to dust, subtle
Results in
     -Pictogram, ghostly
     -Motes sloughed, dry on dry,
On fall of man from
Pulpit, draped,
Cassock, stole,
     -Man-a-dressed, culprits
     -Thrashed- or succored- their
     -Heard through stalls;
Sonorous foibles
Curdled pre-pubic,
Bunched, gonad
     -Tootsie roll centers,
     -Sticks rubbed together,
     -Chalked: 'Veni,
     -Dick, Veni:'
Locker bench wedgies,
Towel snappings, Bengay
Pranks, shower
     -Dragged out changings, soap
     -Bar lingerings, steam
     -Clouded, dream
Boys of the faithfuls'
Nakedness clerics
Took in stride:
     -Good padres froliced
     -Where indigenous
     -Apples halved,
     -Serpents coiled;
Boiled pink, paraded
By tradition: Nam
     -Greco submissive,
     -Roman communal,
Picked apart, 'Czeched out,'
'Cemetery worm,'
'Mike Missolved,'
'The Gherkin,'
     -Larry StandOn, 'Down!'
     -Cornered on playground,
     -In art class;
His 'other' son, 'Up!
Take your nose out of
That book, and
Help me here,'
     -Whelped in fear, blow ups,
     -Calm spells, gun
Battened down orphan
Bereft, her lemon
Rose stems bent,
Petals strewn,
     -Merciless nettles
     -Festooned coffin's bones,
     -Left jaundiced;
Ashes crossed sailors'
Foreheads, sunflower
Parlor lent
To stewards,
     -Towhead sight-read his
     -From blank sheets;
Muscle covered could
Pass in Kingston, trick
At Charlie's,
Downtown south,
     -West Village sketcher
     -In Delhi pasture
     -Crayoned lads
     -A milkin';
Aged beyond twink speak,
Circuit black, circled
Back in case,
Last call flashed,
     -Toilet flushed, rust smelled,
     -Night's paint drying stars,
     -Pairs formed in
     -Bars converged;
Soloists upstaged
By chorus purged from
Russian tome
     -War and Peace drumbeat:
     -Swollen glands, lesions,
     -Plagued soldiers
     -On the march;
Store, and lease, lumber
Built reliquaries,
     -In SoHo, Holly
     -Window shopped
     -Backs to bricks;
Black and white postcard,
Man reading a book
In profile,
Bryant Park,
     -Crayoned, block letters,
     -Colored in blue sky,
     -Ocean, the

6 August 2018




Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Bill Olson 4 June 2018

                        (Bill Olson, 1982)

Poet's amusement
Park, roller coaster
Rides exhault
The physics,
     -Coming attractions!
     -Bagged nuts, hot dogs, buns,
     -Of epic
Bedsheet togas strung
As sails launch the bed
Aiming for
     -Where swells lapped gently
     -By men who feasted
     -On manna
     -Ferried in;
Mapplethorpe altered
Succulent ribs eyed,
And slender
Youths' nipples,
     -Harpooned at Mineshaft,
     -Dug up, reburied
     -On Meatrack
Pistil nectar leaks
Lavished sunlit glints
On suitors
In hindsight,
     -Glute orbs streak across
     -Waves which licked groyne in
Promontory climbed,
Clefts rappelled, inner
Sanctum found
Tightly sealed,
     -Peep show cred, shutter
     -Operated by
     -Poker faced
Bread route conditioned
Drill, pull expired,
Load in fresh,
Hit the next,
     -Laid out as ballpoint
     -Penned on toilet stalls,
     -Two downturned
     -Bowls, drain, pipe;
Poised to unburden
Lust, not list
Tacking port,
     -Of call, the head, hot
     -Circulating porn
     -Thumbed atop
Meissen collective
Thrall objectifies
The vessels
     -Stir solidified
     -Member's engagement,
     -Upshot, no
Spreadsheet flipped, hard news
For back page features,
Those remarks
     -Base notes decanted
     -Narcotic tunnel
     -Swum blind to
Calibrate the growls
To pain, to pleasure,
Covet wolf's,
Sheep's clothing,
     -Guttural fleshed out
     -Dramatic function,
     -Bones thrown what
Legs lofted, eyes trained,
Vestige ignited
Scalds even
     -Holds receptive to
     -An incipient,
     -If swaddled,
Quicker, compliant
Dabblers dipped their toes,
Only to
Be aroused,
     -Faster, lines-in-sand
     -Defenses grabbed hold,
     -Clothes exchanged
Rearrangement's block
Type ironed labels
Chafed against
Exposed skin,
     -Secondhand frocks tripped
     -Keel uneven, soon
     -Aground, cox
Flipped, foundered, towed to
Lighthouse beacon, its
Keeper in
Oilskin bib,
     -3 ct circumf'renced
     -Propeller sped through
     -Hollows, now
     -Live socket;
This outlet followed
Toward conflicted end,
Pleasure, pain,
     -Double-dipper drenched
     -In cross-train sweat, benched,
     -Should I have
     -My pants cuffed?

4 June 2018