Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Friday, November 20, 2020

Peter Bock

(Peter Bock, 1982)

                        (Peter Bock, 1982?)

Friday, October 16, 2020

Ken(nan) Gault 27 November 2020

                       (Ken Gault, 1982)

'I wanted to be
Like him,' like Peter
Bock, to be
Peter Bock,
     -I took in Ken Gault, 
     -Drew his face oval,
     -Neck lines to
     -His shoulders;
I wanted his grace,
I paid to
Bring him home,
     -Ears, nose, mouth, with lips
     -Sewn tight, his silence
     -Kept session
For less than rent, I
Had ownership, then
Mounted him
On my wall,
     -Crayoned some head hair,
     -Worked between colors
     -Of his plaid
     -Shirt, and eyes;
Traded dead air for
Man-made, intimate
He was hung,
     -Wary expression
     -Eluded more than
We are connected
Through ex's, 'shoulda'
Summer shares
At the Pines,
     -Tricks invited bared
     -Showered skin...

I was a Chelsea
Fag, they'd say.

'Have no idea
How I met Larry,'

Friday, September 11, 2020

Patrick Porter

                   (Patrick Porter, 1983)

                     (PatrickPorter, 1981)

Christopher Makos


               (Christopher Makos, 198?)

Raymond Foye

                   (Raymond Foye, 1981)


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

William S. Burroughs 19 November 2020


                           (William Burroughs, 1983)

Fearful of nightmares,


Little men

Playing house,

     -Terror of nightmares,

      -Melancholic tones

     -Textured by

     -Fear, guilt, rage;

'Ghostly grey figures, 

Apparition of 

Green reindeer

In the woods,' 

     -Nude figures cut out,

     -Genitals cut off,

     -Scissors gripped

     -By stained hand;

Red phosphorus mixed

With potassium

Chlorate, black

Powder bombs,

     -Sudden outbursts sprayed

     -Explosive temper,


     -Forces stirred;

Pistol in shoulder

Holster, assembled,

Pin readied

Tommy Gun,

     -Gun metal rifles

     -Pulled off walls, pointed,

     -Brown bovines

     -Switch their tails;

'Let me show it to

You... real beauty...I

Love the feel

In my hand,'

     -Chain smoked cigarettes

     -Sucked down, stomped out, in

     -Back-room bars

     -Swilling beers;

'You Can't Win' spelled it

Out: if found unlike 

Others, best

Keep apart,

     -Underdog's quick wit

     -Joking undermined


     -When cornered;

Boy, 'gibbon,' measured,

Weighed, Harvard lectured,



     -Draftsman aped student,

     -Won Cooper Union



Thinking dissected,

Finger severed, son


To parents,

     -Entry-level job

     -Mindless, next job, wrist 



Flunked enlistment, ducked

Draft, copywriter,

Bug sprayer,

Writ server,

     -Piece de resistance

     -Boy wonder flunkey,

     -A saddle


Jack, junk, Huncke, Allen,

Joan, Neal, orgone box,

Billy, Kells,

In snapshots,

     -Arthur, David, A.,

     -Henry, Ellsworth, B.,

     -Barnett, Hans,

     -The cutout;

New York, Texas, New 

Orleans, Mexico, 

Tangier, 'Lunch,'

Tri fold-ins,

     -Europe, Africa,

     -Europe, Florida,

     -Five Village

     -Subway stops;


Disembodied graft

Absorbed male,

Oozed female,

     -Cordially sublime

     -Beauty encompassed



Possessed by evil

Spirit, the sentence:



     -Recessed conflicting

     -Emotions in paint

     -Strokes, drunk blind

     -Hailed their cabs;

Interzone routines




     -Workspace frequented

     -By local poets

     -And artists,

     -Keen sitters;

Cartographer's script,

Detritus, mixed for



     -Photographer's kit,

     -Art supplies, art books,

     -Painted, stacked


(Stock characters), Gimp,

Vigilante, Rube,

Shake Man, Kid,

Doctor, Nurse,

     -Big city slicker 

     -Denizens, Village


     -His subjects;

Moved to the Bunker,

Once YMCA 

Boys' locker, 


     -Drinkers' noise sector,

     -Basement studio, 

     -Shadow of

     -Ninth Circle;

Midwest twang read out

Practiced underground


To the rapt,

     -Lidless edginess

     -Trapped on surfaces

     -Bled into


Narrative driven

By daily typing 

In drink, drugs,

Induced trance,


     -Alcohol depressed



Rodent bitten draft

Manuscript, pasted

Over bits

And pieces,

     -Candid pencil takes

     -Instinctively pierced



Voices posturing,

Visions mirrored back,



     -Choices pestering,

     -Decisions battered,

     -Buttressed eye

     -Zeroed in;

Introspective, self 

Analyzed, odd man


Appraised all,

     -Extrospective half

     -Canonised surplice


     -Doubt sayers;

Wages, allowance,

Bail, drug sales, crop sales,



     -Scholarship, wages,

     -Companionship, trips,

     -Grantee, sales,


Mote, Laura, Billy;

Giorno, Ginsberg, 

James; Ian,

Mort, felines,

     -Alice, Arthur, Tim;

     -John, Julia Mayo;

     -Holly, Charles;

     -And Sidney;

'Cities of the Red

Night,' fiction refuge,

Cragged nova


     -Grit of the red eyed

     -Oracle's formal,



19 November 2020














Saturday, July 18, 2020

Steve Hamilton 2 September 2020

               (Steve Hamilton, 198?)

'Today the toaster
Refused to toast the
Bread, reason
     -Last week, laundromat
     -Washer wouldn't spin,
     -Plugged in, lights,
     -Started, stopped;
'There's no reasoning
With these machines, so
There was a
Group: Luddites,'
     -Attendant looked, said
     -Something to herself,
     -Put up "Out
     -Of Order;"
'I'm seldom happy,
They said. Who could be
Happy at
Times like these?'
     -Given a token,
     -Laundry floated in
     -Dirt, water;
'The marvelous might
Be hiding under
The carpet.
Rip it up.'
     -If the sign is gone,
     -It's possible that
     -The washer
     -Has been fixed;
'I ripped the carpet
Up and I found dirt.
A pity.
Quel dommage.'
     -Also possible
     -That someone took off
     -The "Out of
     -Order" sign;
Left dirt behind, 'lost
Again when camel
Collapsed in
A desert,'
     -Commission relapsed
     -With Alex Katz's
     -'Nabil's Loft'
'Intrepid journey
To find Calypso
Singer, or
Water glass,'
     -An ipso facto
     -Gurney commandeered
     -To convey
     -Eyeglass glint;
'The alchemy of
Despair is seldom
A failure.'
Even now.
     -Ingredients of
     -Prell shampoo redeemed
     -Of brown hair;
'It began raining
In the desert and
I almost
Choked on mud,'
     -Van Goghed window shade
     -Torments nocturnal
     -Poet in
     -Oil seed black;
'The Party is in
A troublesome state,
Run out of
     -'Comrades: we must take
     -Up a collection,'
     -Redeem all
     -The empties;
'Ten thousand birds fly
Out of my head. It
Must now be
In summer,'
     -Five hundred pigs roll
     -Out of their beds, it 
     -Must be a
     -Mineshaft night;
'Three pomegranates
On a silver plate.
It must now
Be in Rome,'
     -Two dharma bums, Six
     -Gallery reading,
     -Must be San
'I tried to achieve
Total inertia.
My efforts
     -I applied solvents
     -To relieve tincture
     -Of viscous
'Past tense sense: absence
Of chance enlivened
The dance of
     -Prevalence of chance
     -Advance toward
'Object acquired 
More subject. Verbs lost
Their nerve. Rhyme's 
     -Posers exposed with
     -Tones, sitters composed
     -Of dabs, hand
     -Flicks eyeballed;     
'As stars exploded
Over Mars, we ran
Under a
Nearby tree,'
     -'To explore nature's
     -Which stored faint
'Wild beasts waltzed to tune
Of a fake earthquake
Which faded
To musings,'
     -Vulcan climax mooned
     -Jaded on
     -A blind date;
'But your smile's crystal
Flaccidity has
Deferred plans
For retreat,'
     -While placidity
     -Mitred violent
     -Edges from
     -Glossy lips;
'Cells were on the march,
My celibacy
     -Balls held to the flame,
     -Under bed;
'Who among you has
Ever thought to take
Some control 
Of this lust?'
     -Conjugate, discussed
     -Within grammar, a
 2 September 2020