Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Unknown 25 April 2019

                     (Unknown, ~1981-3)

Forgotten face chose
Favourite plaid shirt,
Fresh from the
Wash and fold,
     -Usual features,
     -Centered view, Peter,
     -Duncan, Jim,
     -Staring off;
Showered just before,
Dabbed cologne, brushed teeth,
Changed from jeans
To khakis,
     -Took a stab at head,
     -Neck lines, retouching
     -Pristine face
Unfolded village
Track lines, subway stops,
Square, West 4th,
     -Collar, uprooted
     -Placket, stripes
Debated sneakers,
Shoes, perfect weather
To walk through
The village,
     -Walked around paper
     -Excising limbs, trunk:
A Gotham Book Mart
Reading happenstance,
Backed against
An artist,
     -Cradled recumbent
     -'Til smart look preppy,
     -Loosened up,
     -Propped on chair;
Scooched down to retrieve
Dropped book, unprepared
When standing
     -Back bolstered hinted
     -Resemblance, tore off
     -A scribbled
     -Phone number;
Dissembled turn on
At invitation
To pose in
     -Stammered message on
     -Machine replayed an
Triple checked details
On voicemail, night,
Address, (his
'Look forward...'),
     -Arts scenes afforded
     -Fresh models, friends' friends,
     -Bar tricks, the
     -More mature;
Legendary cool
Cavorted in stride
Jazzed village
     -Hedged consequences
     -With brewed regulars,
     -Of yes-men;
Backpacker's dopp kit
Contingencies weighed,
Ballast from
     -Crayoned dispersal
     -Made catalyst for
     -On the fly;
Industrial fan
Deep fried, screen door sweets,
Cracked, oak door
     -Turpentine soaked boar,
     -Oils deprived fresh air,

Monday, February 18, 2019

Richie 19 March 2019

                          (Richie, 1982)

Richie, latchkey spawned
On Uncle Charlie's
Downtown so primed
Toilet seat,
     -Serviette holder,
     -Approached from under
     -Ware, supplied
     -His asset;
Virtual mascot,
Voice heralded each
     -Drawn, pictorial
     -Facet, jacketed
     -Shoulders, Puck
     -Derived head;
Break-up survivor,
Bar constellations
By exes,
     -Glare remonstrated,
     -Consternation trounced
     -Once focus
     -Turned aside;
Monster cormed crocus
     -Markings conjectured
     -Untamed sacrilege
     -Which rebuffed
One-trick pony fluffed,
Flicking dharma of
Potty mouth
Tongue and lips,
     -Lyrical glamour,
     -Backbench cut away,
     -To remnants;
Grecian heritage,
Youngest of brethren
Catered ass
     -Faded Hessian flared,
     -Collar angles plied
     -His virile
Performance fostered
To assume
     -Composed crucible
     -Inured to...
Sordid tales, deep hole
Fed- happy hours-
Downing 'til
Drowning in,
     -Wet rat, graffiti
     -Tagged, neon signalled,
     -Cheated on
Tag team promised a
Confetti parade,
Not shredded
     -Credence upended
     -Left vulnerable
     -To misread
Pissed off, publicly
Wedgied then pantsed, it
Brought out worst
     -Obliquely ledgered
     -Gullible, rubbing
     -Strengthened as

19 March 2019







Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Chris 5 April 2018


                           (Chris, 1983)

Paid to play, have sex-
'Perform'- filmed release
Money shot,
Sign me up,
     -Artist's charm, come to
     -My studio so
     -I can paint
     -Your portrait;
Met director, filled
Out application,
Got naked,
     -Draw horizontal,
     -Delve with bare fingers
     -Breathing musk,
     -Pillar's brine;
Had to get hard, he
Measured it, length, width,
Asked about
     -Pressured assertions
     -Fluids, plied within,
     -Chink embraced
     -Or betrayed;
Shared how strategic
Partnerings pump sales,
Who tops, who
Gives it up,
     -Coin flip, flip-flop, plunge,
     -Viscosity thins
So 'Chris,' pizza boy,
Bike messenger, a
Plumber's son,
     -Fervid believers
     -Artfully engaged
     -In parterre
Blue balls abstinence
At filling station
Imposed by
     -Blessed Fleets™ installed,
     -Imodium ™ prized
     -By wafer
Food, curbed at midnight,
Swirls, cinnamon, whole
Bean, deep fried,
For others,
     -Cinderellas weaned
     -On outsized nipples
     -Slide unfurled,
     -Slippered, tight;
Worked out, showered, flat
To ministrations
Of stylist's
Scissors, creams,
     -Flat, sensoring flung
     -Around, pulled apart,
     -For held up,
Crew gawps, camera
Clicks, cocks out,
Crudely stroked,
     -Unit utilized
     -As capstone owner's
     -Pawn, queening
     -Future play;
Wilts, withering heat,
Foisted lens,
Lights, anus,
     -Sweat equity poured
     -Mopped religiously
     -By fluffers
     -On bent knees;
Sets, reps, muscles worked
On, trainer spots lifts,
Spritzed, and wiped,
     -Artist instills flow
     -To line: accidents;
     -Dead ends, and
Eruptions walked back,
Spark offs- 'Only you
Can prevent'-
     -Corruptions bled through,
     -Coffee stain, finger
     -Smudge, crayon,
     -Pencil marks;
Offensive lockdown,
Lookouts staged, sound checked,
Actors in
     -Chair faced out amid
     -Angled canvasses,
     -Stacked paint cans,
     -Clear bottles;
Coke-bottle lenses
Splotched, bottom suctions
Length in slaps
Reddened cheeks,
     -Red suffused backwoods
     -Shoulders crown, syphons
     -Sapling doubts;
Sublime contractions,
Shackled, unshackled,
Vision blurs
With the arcs,
     -OLO-growth's bulbous knots
     -Ring around groaning
     -Barks at bends
     -Of stripling.

5 April 2018

Ken Kosillian and Jim Kessling 6 December 2017

                        (Ken Kosillian?)

                      (Ken Kosillian, 1982)

                      (Jim Kessling, 1982)

                     (Jim Kessling, 1982)

Eyes stare unblinking,
Inscrutable, thoughts
Revolve in
     -Burial shovel
     -Scrapes recalcitrant
     -Crust, working
     -At edges;
Nape warms, shirt's collar
Hedges, throat's downward
V first play,
     -Clay embedded rock
     -Impedes inroads, each
     -Squelch marking
     -Inch achieved;
Dabs, brushed strokes perceived,
Canvas flat rustles,
Fluids slosh,
Rhythmic thrum,
     -Seismic discharge, scorned
     -Sediment, levered,
     -Leaving jigged
Chest compressions pegged
To tight scrutiny,
Given out,
Taken in,
     -Indentured routine,
     -Disentangling a
     -Face off with
     -Long held roots;
Compelled engagement,
Equivalent for
Adam in
     -Ground aggregate raked,
     -Mineral, earth tones
     -Across field;
Close apprehended,
Flat circumstance of
Cake batter,
     -Submerged transcendence
     -Shouldered, smooth defaced
     -With wrinkled
Wide-screen replicate,
A lisp redacted
When keeper
Sent on break,
     -Scale leaps, restraining
     -Stanchions, rope toppled,
     -In lightness;
Full cape to mansion
Transmogrified the
Of shelter,
     -Beethoven delving
     -Silence composes
Tympanic cadence,
Steady buzz going
Down massaged
The message,
     -Surreal Socratic
     -Dialogue holds that
     -Herds contrails;
Mono lithe, mythos
Antidote, shirt thrown
On, fingers
Run through hair,
     -Butt rode chair, barber
     -Ruffled top, shook out
     -Drape, the boy's
     -Eyes twinkled.

9 November 2017

Shirt off kilter, fence
Post neck lines base of
Flower pot
Spider plant,
     -Checkpoint misaligns
     -Feather, visor pops
     -Cv in
     -Ghost's retreat;
Locked up in masked guise,
Scatching at sutured
Lines for blood
Coursing through,
     -Musk shatters under
     -Detachment pressure
Muttered critique broke
Spell, compelling a
Scoping out,
     -Clairvoyent, tacking
     -Port, resurrected
     -Sail which caught
     -Winds blown past;
Clear-sighted, in close
Quarters, jackhammer
Heart rattles
     -Thoughts sewn fast, eyes knot
     -Buoy below deck
     -Crow's nest kept
Rethinking allowed
Virile conveyance
Once harbored
Now floated,
     -What sunk, when yellows,
     -Blue washed, flushed in reds,

6 December 2017



Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Craig Emerson and Harvey Donegan 1 October 2017

                   (Craig Emerson, 1981) 

                  (Harvey Donegan, 1981) 

Decades' creased concerns
Sloughed,thinned hair troubles
Brushed back, seat's 
     -Climber scales terrain,
     -Pores tackled often,
     -Shapes, angles,
Rote aphorisms
Skim, 'We are happy
To serve you,'
Brims poison,
     -Lid popped, straight, charcoal
     -Slid back and forth to
     -Here and now
     -I accept;
I admit to herd
Mentality, crown 
Royal glass,
Sipper lips,
     -Smoking cured, whiskered
     -Lisp: 'Not a problem,'
     -Whispered, parched
Pitched revival called
Out, two-stepped on first
Name basis
     -Side-stepped naysayers
     -Co-dependent on
     -Horse betting
     -Tea readers;
Purchased western boots,
Grew mustache, blew straw
Men lurching,
Questioned booze,
     -Broke down, stopped cold, black
     -Drained off, rappelled strafed
     -Cheeks, furrows
     -Beneath eyes;
I am... we will... said 
Over collection
Box, spare change
Passed around,
     -Unraveled discards
     -Salvaged, balled up in
     -Pocket of
     -Choir robe;
Penance, sopranos
Paired, dereliction
     -A traditional
     -Recitatif round,
     -Mace, female
Pipes, acapella
Brevis, vita purged,
Choir sings
Merci dirge,
     -Organ surged, lyre
     -Plucks from descending
     -Scale, heartstrings
     -Tugged ring bells;
Fling quelled, need blunted,
Hugged, taken in by
Group package
     -Fragile passengers,
     -Seats bumped, connections,
     -Lodging, meals
Curtain, yanked past, healed,
Sun, confronted, washed
Across, held
Out promise,
     -Premise emboldened,
     -Skirted forehead, cheeks,
     -Chin, instilled

7 September 2017

Vantage collector,
Chinese, Italian
Back turned, trick,
     -Profiled, spout protrudes
     -Harvey's mick kettle,
     -Polished black
Won't pretend, complaints
Admonished: work, tout
Sweet tea with
Southern drawl,
     -Source red sauced tank tops,
     -Playground demolished
     -Point guards, cleats
     -Chain link hooked;
Rook's trinkets, gleaned mounds,
Acquisition forged
     -Deshabille claimant,
     -Gorge on pick-up game,
     -Center skin,
     -Shooting guard;
Thumbs rubbed, polishing,
Nose inhaled, newsprint,
Soil, suitcase,
     -Frisson of brute force,
     -Foes drubbed, co's high five,
     -Trains bend, shriek,
     -Curse invoked;
Purser's vowels leak, stall
Seller's sighs, frantic
Birds squawk, trucks
Stalled honking,
     -Jock's balls crushed, mid-thigh
     -Gym shorts cut tight, cracks
     -Gawked diving
     -For missed shots;
Hot pots, missed fire
Peppers, sweet chillies,
Crispy bites,
     -Tested means, Chris's,
     -Bills, meat tasting leads
     -To hungers,
     -Skewered entree;
Imbued quandary
Of dipping sauces,
Tongue chasing
Heat ends burned,
     -Lick numbing glazes,
     -Deep breaths, in and out,
     -Learn to Pace
     -Turn tables;
Unstable dim sum
Dishes tipping course
Of travels
     -Discourse summation:
     -Dimmed lighting, countless
     -Hands and mouths
Salvaged potentate
Of urban drab, brand
Earned squab, male
Birth control,
     -Bowled, maidenhair fronds,
     -Regal girth, stamping
     -Base metal
Frequently clamping
Two woodens, mine and
     -Brotherhood sampling
     -Has line snaking down
     -The block in
     -All weather.

1 October 2017



Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Peter Legierse 18 February 2019

                   (Peter Legierse, 1981)

Handed over to
Take a seat, back straight,
Looking at
     -Croquied boyfriend's find
     -Envisioning mine,
     -Outstretched neck
     -Carried head;
Chair's wood hard, basement's
Ceiling low, white, square
Panels, packed:
Art; paint; foil;
     -Extended shoulders,
     -Collar, ears, head's dome,
     -Eyebrows, eyes,
     -Nose, mouth lines;
Scratching soldiered on
In storage squalor,
     -Tactile red and blue
     -T-shirt stripes spelled out
Water tongued under
Door, followed by mop
Sounds, knock, mop
Head, handle,
     -Dollop thinned allowed
     -Unquenched, a
Spirited defense
Launched: 'No flood, small leak,'
Calloused hands
Made a bowl,
     -Ferreted out strokes
     -Curls merited in
Two women moseyed
Pushing laundry carts,
Spanglish soaked
Through marled shoes,
     -Black sculpted, careened
     -Tan, crenellated
     -Face, plumage
Doomsday work boots thumped
Overhead, dragging
Toppled trove
In paused spurts,
     -Supple cartilage,
     -Inflexible bone,
     -Saddled with
Pipes rattled, plaster
Jostled, recumbent
Objet d'art
Slammed in place,
     -Red lips wormed under
     -Nostrils, smirk carved cheeks
     -Docile seal;
Marauders hammered,
Drilled release from studs
Relics of
     -Drama's retentive
     -Oeufs en cocotte, fixed
     -Ovals served
Rustlers bivouacked
For bovine herding,
Muscled what
Not lassoed,
     -Brushed on parcels fused,
     -Lemon triad grazed,
     -Sea green ground;
Drawing beckoned a
Complete absorption,
Segued to
     -Fecund gnawing where
     -Ellipsis stopped short,
Ground floor studio
Begrudgingly scaled,
By four walls,
     -Cliff's Notes concision
     -Figured life's span for
Knob jiggled, handheld,
Notarized floorplans
Waltzed in, tapped,
Pipes followed,
     -On mental
     -Sketchpad sheet;
Index motioned up
Down, knuckles knocked on
Plaster, valve
Bled in pail,
     -Likenesses clustered,
     -Each buckle popped a
     -Labyrinth to
Model, discharged from
Post, wrested visage
Cajoled grin,
     -When told, extracted
     -Vernissage, drying
     -On easel,

18 February 2019




Thursday, November 15, 2018

(John Bernd?)

                        (John Bernd?)