Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Omar and Mirsad 22 June 2017

(Mirsad and cousin 1983)

(Omar 1982)

(Omar 1982)

(Omar 1983)

A boy among men
In his skivvies watched
City which
Never slept,
     -Super's first born, freed
     -Kid, satyr,
     -Greek, man boy;
Cultures flake off walls,
Scuffed by soles, coat bare
Feet, swept up
In dustpan,
     -Layers peeled back from
     -First light's febrile dreams,
     -Dried slurry
Tethered to boiler
Clicks, trash hauler wails,
Fumes from roach
Spray, PineSol,
     -Cologne, cigarette,
     -Beer head, gathered, bar
     -Pitched tones, spun;
Albanian vowels
Bruised, lamb, fowl, stewed, New
York syntax
Chewed, bones gnawed,
     -Meat and potatoes,
     -Blackboard, scoreboard, words
     -Bored home, first
     -Basement, seconds?
Forehead rubbing, robbed
Of anguish, blemish,
Streaking smudge
     -Skeletal seams braced,
     -Face tapped, fault fractured,
     -Plates shifting
     - Each apart;
Larry's sneakers stride
Basement stairs, stop short
At mailbox,
Pedal off,
     -Posted sentinel's
     -Complicit notice
     -Of comings
     -And going;
Selves sung lockstep, night
Contained voyage out,
Worse for wear
Dodged shipwreck;
     -Comber with keeper's
     -Mien, left behinds
     -Prized, dropped change,
     -Lotto picks;
Triple planes, reversed,
Revered, reverted
To, ticket


Monday, December 5, 2016

Izhar Patkin 23 May 2017

(Izhar Patkin, 1982)

Ghosts, suspended in
Recollections' veil,
Your promise
As painter,
     -The narrative, two
     -Holly Solomon
     -SoHo show;
Self-portraits revealed
Across wood stretcher,
Sceptres slick,
     -Crown of salt crystals,
     -Hardened tears, lodged stones,
     -I.V. drips;
Diaspora a
Porous room, vigor
Muscling at
     -Hand, eyed, circumscribed,
     -Material weight
     -Lifting paint,
     -Atlas shrugged;
Weathered decking sides
Sandbox crossed barefoot,
An outdoor
Shower sprays,
     -Against walls, shower,
     -Tiles, headboards, cupped in
     -White briefs, hand
     -Jobs, smooth ass;
Water spreads, dripping
Between slats, pooling
Of sea grass,
     -Friend of, kid, brother,
     -Guy, Puerto Rican,
Cottage, sea neutered,
Tans, greys; window panes,
Scene numbed, tide's
Slow retreat,
     -Window washer, long
     -Haul trucker, waiter,
     -Fine artist,
     -Grad student;
Doors ajar, sun dried
Swimsuits, towels draped on
Railings, chaise
Lounges, beach chairs,
     -Mark, Anthony, Chris,
     -Robert, Rick, Hector,
     -Keith, Patrick,
     -Phillipe, John;
White sheets tussled, pulled
Up on paired beds, wedged
Into half
Share bedrooms,
     -Bronzed skin tendered, pecs,
     -Abs pulled down, turning
     -Paired quarter
     -Moons rising;
Crystal lined, bottles
Stoppered, monogrammed
Napkins piled
With place mats,
     -Citronella scent,
     -Barbecue smolder,
     -Sunset squeal
     -Of tape deck;
Dragon headed ring
Drifts across outdoor
Pool propelled
By tail winds,
     -Five guys swimsuited,
     -Afternoon challenge:
     -Who makes the
     -Biggest splash?
A pool boy, not gay,
Troubled the waters
With brush trimmed
     -A few of last year's
     -Housemates waited at
     -Sayville's stop,
     -Wine, breads, packed;
Emptied out, humming,
Ice maker,
     -Wheelchairs, red wagons,
     -Pushed, pulled along, canes
     -Down boardwalk;
Phone, ignored, harangues,
Tea dance postcards hang
Around, dunes
Cast, heedless,
     -They sit, contemplate
     -Pool circulation,
     -Its message;
Plainchant rises, voice
Prevails, recedes, bells
Wind chimes, horns
     -Paired attendants poised,
     -Anchoring elbows,
     -Transfer to
     -Slippered pointes;
Meat Rack match stick flame,
Comet streak, embers
Ground out,
     -Roars of laughter, eyes,
     -Sapphires, em'ralds
     -Sparkling, they
Forceful hands, (behind),
Shove down, (in front), draw
Forward, hold:
Swallow; gag,
     -Invade Pavilion
     -Tea dance, trio donned
     -Wide-brimmed hats;
Flailing arms, waistbands-
Shorts, underwear- yanked,
Hole fingered,
Spit spread, slammed,
     -Sequenced sashay, boys'
     -Gyrations restrained,
     -Cocktails plied;
Blind urges spent, slipped
Off, orifice sprawled,
Spilled out, deer,
Hunters, watched,
     -Seasoned disarray,
     -Vintage guise, vantage
     -Guys', hands made
     -Soft made hard;
Hands, extended, held,
Enlisted in rise
Toward fragranced
Fabric clouds,
     -Wards of maids room link,
     -Stagger back, dogs walked,
     -Ferry brings
     -New of plague;
Pool emptied, covered,
Sheets held out, folded,
Stored in drawers,
Curtains spread,
     -Neutral tones, stainless
     -Steel, bleached crepe, sterile,
     -Flimsy drape's
     -Back exposed.

23 May 2017


Charles Ludlam 2 February 2017

(Charles Ludlam 1982)

(Charles Ludlam 1984) 

Dramas staged in front,
Words, curds, turds behind,
Rend controlled
Morton Street,
     -Passed father to son,
     -Taste amended Stu,
     -Pot luck Bob,
     -Cock au Van;
Hambone(d) Ham(let) once
Ham fisted cured his
Bacon with
Hard faggots,
     -Mine tried milking cows
     -Until the doing
     -So soured,
     -Not his whey;
Oedi(pull) mined, bore
Bluebeard, w(hore Camille,
Dragged core, showed
More the door,
     -I played a child star,
     -Drank compliments, plied
     -Coffees, sketch
     -Pads, sneakers;
Trawled sideshows, screenplays,
Drawled marionettes,
Hauled school mates
To makeshifts,
     -Followed where lines led,
     -Connected the dots,
     -Steered around
     -Any holes;
Absurd, one over,
Fill-in, extra, 'Screen'
     -Patron impressioned,
     -Practice imprisoned,
Fire(d) Women, webbed
Cross-dressing, drunk,
Drugged, pierced, pieced,
     -Agency ad men,
     -Laid men, mailmen, bussed
     -Boys, busted
     -Boys, waiters;
Scored to voice, vowel flow,
Bowels, predilection,
Tied to hand
Outs, jobs, maids,
     -Served by view, plate glass,
     -Guys posed, cruise mode, at
     -Street exit;
Plot imbedded, lines
Piece goods layered, each
Ad-lib tucked,
Improv plumped,
     -Pencil deployed in
     -Mindless scales distracts
     -From portraits'
Attention suctioned,
Competitors played
Down, upstaged,
Or sidelined,
     -Bone structures outlined,
     -Musculature bulked
     -Up, seated
     -As breaths draw;
Epic aspic which
Refused to gel, meat
Pieced, greased, float,
Loincloths flashed,
     -Hands deformed, monster
     -Feet hid, shod, crude jabs,
     -At summit;
I invented me:
     -Farmboy, cityboy,
     -Pretty party boy,
     -Arty blond,
     - Witty bombed;
I give myself up,
Enter characters
Of my own
     -Hick, itinerant
     -Painter sweet talks farm
     -Boys into
     -Posing nude;
Priest, parishioners,
Rituals rehearsed,
In soulful
     -Butterflied, faces
     -Fixed on boards, writhing
     -Darkened stacks;
Forbidden freak show
Ensemble wrestling
In caged roles,
     -Placid blue eyes, bald
     -Lies beneath combed strands,
     -Tied in knot,
Take off your made up
Face, costume, changeling
Sex, fronted
     -The art world love child
     -Pretender, can sell
     -It direct
     -From the can;
Picture frame, in the
Round, box office, grant
Cycles, the
Critics' spin,
     -Pictures, framed, unframed,
     -Hung around, art show
     -Rounds, dealers'
     -Critics' spin;
I observe, eavesdrop,
Take a lot of notes,
Let things dance
Around me,
     -Anatomist, Tulp
     -Like, dissects his Kindt
     -After dance
     -On scaffold;
Tradition gorged on,
Old Fashioned imbibed,
Glutton on
Dining car,
     -Clubcar cosseted
     -Travel through air, no
     -Platform, dive,
     -Gutter breached;
Diving in on stage,
The only place you're
Alive, art
Of body,
     -Charles untied, gay, grey,
     -Sighed, winked, embodied
     -Pimp, taker
     -Of quarters;
Would I want to live
Through a tragedy
Unless it
Were on stage?
     -Closing night, lights turned
     -Low, man in bed holds
     -Hand of a

2 February 2017

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Oleg Kerensky 6 December 2016

(Oleg Kerensky 1982) 

Critic takes back seat,
Characters played out,
It works, it
Doesn't: why?
     -Viewer stands in front
     -Of exhibition,
     -The transfer
     -Like, or lost;
Playwright delivers
Plot, acts, characters,
     -Artist arranges
     -Spacial dimensions,
Characters given
Dialogue, actions,
Stage, sets, lights,
Actors cast,
     -Portrait defined by
     -Medium, surface,
     -Background, pose,
     -Colors, tones;
Actor's fitting with
Character, feeling
Out tongue, words,
Filling shoes,
     -Artist addressing
     -Sitter's skeleton,
     -Muscles strung,
     -Skin encased;
Director engaged
To disentangle
Puppets pulled
Chorus line,
     -Artist blinks, lights up,
     -Steps back sipping cup
     -Of coffee,
('Anna Pavlova'
With Oleg's scribbled
To Paul, Esq.
     -Penned to laser off
     -Myth steeped cataracts
     -Clouding held
Purchased by London
Book dealer, four pounds
Penciled on
     -Russian parentage,
     -Classical training,
     -Convent life;
First edition, near
Fine condition, marked
Up, thirty
In dollars,
     -Ethereal, poised,
     -Poetic, fragile,
Found, passed around, owned,
Given away, state,
All the world
Is a stage,
     -Justice done to the
     -Side of the stage door,
     -When houselights
     -Have gone down;
Pestered to translate
Death, credentials, steps
Sidewalk danced
To Tea Room,
     -Solidity of
     -View proferred, hairline
     -Cracks bely
     -Vessel tasked;
Filial bloodlines:
Playbills; notes; published
Texts; -gossip;
     -Soliloquy pursed,
     -Part rehearsed in the
     -Rooms women
     -Come and go;
Bridge, lacking partners,
Duplicate 'Gin Game,'
Dual roles
'Round table,
     -This too, too solid
     -Flesh would melt, making
     -Dew Drop Inn;
Bridge, traversing from
Spoken storylines
To message
In refrain,
     -Squawking peacock, tips
     -Aflame, his face flushed,
     -Pensive when
     -The light flashed;
Bridge, pressed to label
They buck on stiff necks,
Moon cheeks, kick
Off, elbow,
     -Pyre discovered,
     -Fanned, fierce, nocturnal
Bridge, build subscriber
Seats, they'll thrust onto
Working class
Bars and streets,
     -View from the bridge, pinched,
     -Measured in lines, leaf
     -Playful when

6 December 2016

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tim Dlugos 28 October 2016

(Three Poets 1983, Tim Dlugos far left)

For my mother: May 1928- October 2016

I'm watching colors
Surface in your eyes,
Hoping to
Draw them out,
     -Draw Tim? Aren't you the
     -Poet? Or are you
     -Casting for
     -A hook-up?
Everything that's yours
To share can be seen
Looking through
The windows,
     -I've seen yours, you've seen
     -Mine, show-er, grower,
     -Inside tricks
     -We've passed on;
'A painting is a
Window,' an image
Unlocked when
My eyes close,
     -Imagine painting
     -An unlocked window,
     -Zip half mast;
A graven image
Placed on an altar,
Beer altered,
Mortal sin,
     -That's your confession?
     -Left night's communion
     -At happy
     -Hour drunk?
A voice on the phone,
A boy by the voice,
A phony
Voice, a trick,
     -Or treat, not a friend,
     -A jerk, off from Wall
     -Street, sauna
Vision emerges,
Dick(ensian) steamed,
On bended...
     -Padded knees, all hype,
     -The Hope mined carrot
     -Snowman knows
     -Melts dead space;
Fingers walking, I
Canvass acquaintance
With the man
In my bed,
     -The man who's stretched out,
     -Primed, lubricated,
     -Convinced there's
Lieder from the dead,
Multiple Ethel's
Fry, torch song
     -Andy at the door,
     -Cans strung, got rhythm,
     -Got voltage;
Got Broadway winding
Center to Dutch made
Landfill's edge,
Lodged on maps,
     -No man is an island,
     -Except Roosevelt,
     -By F(oot) trains;
Stride Rite's back-to-school
Socks sheathed f(oot)prints a
Sizer slid,
Stockroom hedge,
     -Shoes strung together
     -Stolen by, lost to
     -At your place;
Strong Place, net curtains
Drawn on fishermen,
Titan robed
     -Not Sirens, wailing
     -As they lead, blind drunk,
     -Into swamped
Muscle braided arms
Extend from sweaters
Stitched with love,
On shore leave,
     -Hauling impressions
     -Scarred through the wringer
     -Chewing sliced
     -Wonder bread;
Empty calories,
We need meat, not seed
Cakes strewn for
The sparrows,
     -A pecking order
     -Imposed by a queen,
     -Ruby flats,
     -Wardrobe found;
Poet and painter,
Something old: voyage
Out, the boat
Sinks, or floats,
     -Sketching denizens
     -Of landlocked blocks their
     -Greek, Roman
Something new from the
End of season sales,
Picked over
By strangers,
     -Holly Solomon,
     -Aaron Berman, Charles
     -Cowles, Magic
Something borrowed: fruit
Streets; sacred texts; twelve
Steps, hold it,
Let it go,
     -Time: pneumocystis;
     -Tide: lunar nexus;
     -Boy, boat, breath,
     -Let it go.

28 October 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Henry Geldzahler 4 October 2016

(Henry Geldzahler, top, 1982, bottom, 1984) 

[Framed], hand over hands
Passed, sightlines
     -New York apartment,
     -School, show, grant, travel,
     -Seated at
     -Right elbow;
Divergence, open
     -Cut out drawing book
     -Models to copy,
Absolute Warhol,
Production silkscreens,
To still lives,
     -Tried paper hats, art
     -School, ad. agency
     -Mailroom, ice
     -Cream parlor;
Rauschenberg combine,
Art/Life embedded,
Stella, sketch,
Shape, attack,
     -Left, arc, centered, two
     -Sets, parallel lines,
     -Caran d'ache,
     -Pentax, brush glued;
Segal, white figures,
Objects, encountered,
Kelly, hands
On color,
     -Black on white, coffee
     -Shop life, hands hold cups,
     -Clothes wrapped, pinned,
     -Faces speak;
Hockney, note taking
Observer, sketching
Foreign and
     -Chainsmoking student,
     -Artist's guest, sitting
     -In silence
     -As film made;
Academic skills,
California sights,
     -Toes testing, talk, dives
     -In, travel, lessons,
     -Breaking through
     -Splashed with ink;
Absorbed subverting
Spacial renderings,
     -Distracted: drawings
     -Gotham Gallery,
     -Prints grant, nights
Scaling Parisian
Heights, retrospective,
Mount Fuji,
Movie flash,
     -Suds relaxed painter
     -Confronts canvas in
     -Pissoir claimed
     -Basement space;
Draw to find, pose's
Wrap turned inside out,
Slipped off, the
Lining plain,
     -Drawn toward likeness, an
     -Inching along crawl,
     -Jigsaw fit;
Clemente, corpus
Out front, quotations
Subsumed, scrolls
Kept churning,
     -Dark smoking jacket,
     -Striped rugby shirt, eyes
     -Gazing at
Chia, same stand-in
Anti-hero reams,
Human scale,
In colors,
     -Painter, sitter float
     -Apart in two boats,
     -The distance
Baselitz, taking
Out content, meaning
By painting
Upside down,
     -Tradition freighted,
     -Title fronted, slumped,
     -Down-turned mouth,
     -Plastered hair;
Baselitz, without
Talent you invent,
Tag same old,
     -Second cannonballs,
     -Glasses transparent
     -To eye's glint,
     -Soul revealed;
Basquiat, mixing
Black magic markers,
Drawings, lists,
Paint, anger,
     -Clouds rake light, tide rolls
     -Rhythmic, salt sprayed licks
     -Leaving sand

4 October 2016

Donald Britton 26 August 2016

(Tim Dlugos, Dennis Cooper, Donald Britton 1983, bottom image)

We sat around back
Lighting cigarettes
With last night's
     -Shot looking straight at,
     -Fast forwards- rewinds
     -Lost: cut jumped;
We arrived to find
Rooms already gone,
Buildings torn
Down rebuilt,
     -Camera's lens and
     -Metal too Swiss made
     -Precise for
We stayed too late, made
Held our breaths,
     -Noon humidity
     -Wilted starched collars,
     -Soaked through stiff
We fell in, got stirred
Surfaced, and were pulled out
In wrong clothes,
With Band-Aids,
     -Roller coaster car
     -Hooked to swerve behind,
     -Bring the curves
     -Back to lines;
We were heard, singing
To the choir, on
Grove Street, in
A corner,
     -Fanning frankincense,
     -Fart stink, fine talc, smoke
     -Signals sent
     -By mistake;
Mother's wary face
From within a wrapped
Towel holding
Clump in place,
     -Subway screech clipping
     -Platform of
Transmigration from
Mother to son left
Him pressed suit
In closet,
     -Tourist face stuck through
     -Photo cut-out board
     -A building;
Man next to man next
To man assembled,
A tree falls
In Brooklyn,
     -3/8, 2/8, left
     -3/8 in, exact,
Set to spin, shapes were
Reconstrued, colors
Their dyes tied,
     -Plastic surgeon, crown
     -Reconfigured, drilled,
     -Thoughts disgorged;
So much to be squeezed
On, scraped off, piled back,
Stirred, heard, dreamt,
     -Drumhead secured, brush
     -Slowly passed across

26 August 2016