Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Friday, September 11, 2020

Patrick Porter

                   (Patrick Porter, 1983)

                     (PatrickPorter, 1981)

Christopher Makos


               (Christopher Makos, 198?)

Raymond Foye

                   (Raymond Foye, 1981)


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

William S. Burroughs 24 September 2020


                           (William Burroughs, 1983)

Fearful of nightmares,


Little men

By the wall,

     -Terror of nightmares,

      -Dark, Melancholy, 

     -Tortured by

     -Fear, guilt, rage;

'Ghostly grey figures, 

Apparition of 

Green reindeer

In the woods,' 

     -Violent forces

     -Stirring inside, go

From The Bunker, once

The boys' locker room

At the Y,



      -Studio in the

     -Shadow of

     -Ninth Circle;

To bungalow...

     -'His complexion was

     -Fading from brown to

     -A mottled

     -Yellow' (tone);...

'I love the feel of
It in my hand...'

'Junk here.  This is a
Junk neighborhood,...'

'He found no career
To his liking and
Took to drinking...'

(grandfather Hitler's press agent, sold company stock instead of holding it, father remote, mother psychic, worshipped by mother, WASP, cook/witch/spells, nanny pederast with bf, withdrawn, friendless, living in a dream world, tyrant, closet headmaster, ten years of analysis, finger cutting/psychotic episode, committed, rescued by parents, rejected by WASP society, lived with lower classes, rooming house, search for identity, rite of passage, link between Beats and Huncke, lacking self-confidence, unable to start writing on his own, photographic memory, Joan's death, evil spirit, atonement, write his way out, had never belonged, never would belong, Ian Sommerville/17 year partner, cut-up/fold-in method, Timothy Leary, psychic exploration, L Ron Hubbard, writing from dreams, daily routine of writing, never enough money, impact of deaths, father, mother, son, brother, five cats,)


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Steve Hamilton 2 September 2020

               (Steve Hamilton, 198?)

'Today the toaster
Refused to toast the
Bread, reason
     -Last week, laundromat
     -Washer wouldn't spin,
     -Plugged in, lights,
     -Started, stopped;
'There's no reasoning
With these machines, so
There was a
Group: Luddites,'
     -Attendant looked, said
     -Something to herself,
     -Put up "Out
     -Of Order;"
'I'm seldom happy,
They said. Who could be
Happy at
Times like these?'
     -Given a token,
     -Laundry floated in
     -Dirt, water;
'The marvelous might
Be hiding under
The carpet.
Rip it up.'
     -If the sign is gone,
     -It's possible that
     -The washer
     -Has been fixed;
'I ripped the carpet
Up and I found dirt.
A pity.
Quel dommage.'
     -Also possible
     -That someone took off
     -The "Out of
     -Order" sign;
Left dirt behind, 'lost
Again when camel
Collapsed in
A desert,'
     -Commission relapsed
     -With Alex Katz's
     -'Nabil's Loft'
'Intrepid journey
To find Calypso
Singer, or
Water glass,'
     -An ipso facto
     -Gurney commandeered
     -To convey
     -Eyeglass glint;
'The alchemy of
Despair is seldom
A failure.'
Even now.
     -Ingredients of
     -Prell shampoo redeemed
     -Of brown hair;
'It began raining
In the desert and
I almost
Choked on mud,'
     -Van Goghed window shade
     -Torments nocturnal
     -Poet in
     -Oil seed black;
'The Party is in
A troublesome state,
Run out of
     -'Comrades: we must take
     -Up a collection,'
     -Redeem all
     -The empties;
'Ten thousand birds fly
Out of my head. It
Must now be
In summer,'
     -Five hundred pigs roll
     -Out of their beds, it 
     -Must be a
     -Mineshaft night;
'Three pomegranates
On a silver plate.
It must now
Be in Rome,'
     -Two dharma bums, Six
     -Gallery reading,
     -Must be San
'I tried to achieve
Total inertia.
My efforts
     -I applied solvents
     -To relieve tincture
     -Of viscous
'Past tense sense: absence
Of chance enlivened
The dance of
     -Prevalence of chance
     -Advance toward
'Object acquired 
More subject. Verbs lost
Their nerve. Rhyme's 
     -Posers exposed with
     -Tones, sitters composed
     -Of dabs, hand
     -Flicks eyeballed;     
'As stars exploded
Over Mars, we ran
Under a
Nearby tree,'
     -'To explore nature's
     -Which stored faint
'Wild beasts waltzed to tune
Of a fake earthquake
Which faded
To musings,'
     -Vulcan climax mooned
     -Jaded on
     -A blind date;
'But your smile's crystal
Flaccidity has
Deferred plans
For retreat,'
     -While placidity
     -Mitred violent
     -Edges from
     -Glossy lips;
'Cells were on the march,
My celibacy
     -Balls held to the flame,
     -Under bed;
'Who among you has
Ever thought to take
Some control 
Of this lust?'
     -Conjugate, discussed
     -Within grammar, a
 2 September 2020    

Monday, May 25, 2020

Henry Howard 23 July 2020

    (Study of Holbein's Henry Howard,                  Earl of Surrey, no date)

(My) '...achievement small
In scale and flawed...' I'm
'...merely a
Man who served,'
     -I contrived to show
     -Court bard broadside, through
     -Pains, travails,
A 'literary
Whose pen's work
Was 'distinct,'
     -Is still in print, as
     -Mercenary ken
     -Moves pieces
     -By default;
Faint praise when charged as
Borrower of text
In Latin
     -'Neither borrower
     -Nor lender be,' traced
     -Lines patterned
'Many things tasting
Of a noble mind,'
Sir P. S.
Tongued the block,
     -Too 'tender aged,' lodged
     -Predilection when
     -Ranked, Chaucer,
     -Spenser, you;
'Words, words, words,'
     -Illustrator's stirred
     -Incubus foments
'Victorious his
Lance, matchless his pen,'
Bird laments,
     -'Perchance to dream' that
     -Prick-tease heralded
Windsor, wherein seems
Lust and joy did tread,
Pleasant dreams,
Quiet bed,
     -Tendrils extracted
     -Of boy's foolery,
We have fought and chased
In active games, rein
Nimble braced,
We did strain,
     -I have lain, encased
     -In cornstalks, food brought,
     -Left in peace
     -My gamble;
No secrets forborn,
Or promise unkept,
Friendship sworn
Where trust leapt,
     -Lawrence's pencil,
     -Adept in kinship's
     -Fist, garnered
Blood forsakes my guise,
Where is my fere, whom
Woes freed, lies,
Plaints entomb,
     -Boxer's torso, knee,
     -Pubic plaits festooned
I see that things pitched
Not as outward poke,
Wrapped in stitched,
Crafty cloak,
     -Courtier Lawrence
     -Engaged attentions
     -To flesh out
Garments to clothe your
Naked man suffice
To lecture
Clad in vice,
     -Moth furred armature
     -Swept from sedulous
     -Heads fixed by
By princely acts I
Strove to make endure,
Houses high
Set my cure,
     -Royalty's mister
     -Courted credentials
     -To stave off
An heir unaligned
Shall reap fruits I sow,
Goods resigned,
Title crow,
     -Each peer survived suits
     -Lifetime succession,
My soul offended
With griefs of follies,
Bells mended,
Scourged mollies,
     -Myself confounded
     -By correspondence,
     -Lads spread out
     -Spelling paint;
Burdened dissolute
At the Lord's behest,
'Til refute
Viper's nest,
     -Chastened, compulsive
     -Paper procurer,
     -Cotton limned
     -Where flesh foiled;
When sudden storms heave
Falsehoods to assail,
Crosswinds reave,
Safe ports fail,
     -Where leaden forearms
     -Paused, bettors wagered
     -Steep decline;
These newly risen
Men would by their will
Chosen krill,
     -European tour
     -Unfastened vaults of
Scarce hath seed formed man
When death leads to earth,
Branch's span
Lopped from birth,
     -Five decades ceded
     -Level planche to prop
     -An easel,
     -Fresh soled shoes;
My glass presents me
A determined breast,
Thrawlldom free
Planted rest,
     -My craft predestined
     -A life's dependence

23 July 2020

Friday, April 17, 2020

Morris Golde 26 May 2020

           (Morris Golde, March 1981)

Tim's note: 'A pretty
And pretty drunk blond
Boy (sporting)
A blazer,'
     -Ashbery party
     -Pretentious forsworn-
     -Before I
     -Quit drinking;
Tim, quoting Morris:
'An incredible
Beauty on
All levels,'
     -Circling the social,
     -Artistic, fish bowl,
     -Feeding off
     -The substrate;
Berkson on Village:
'Intense assertions,
Pro and con,
Gushes, slaps,'
     -Nonpartisan ponce
     -Allegedly quipped
     -Scorecard on
Impassioned broadside
Ricocheted dance floor,
     -Boston Virgil bear
     -Hugged Brooklyn Aaron
     -Shouting (S)te(i)n
Erick claimed a clear
Space, cantilevered
     -Frank stubbed cigarette
     -And cheered, 'I just thought
     -Something ought
     -To happen;'
Alvin sight read from
Lucia's sheets, nodding
To John at
     -Lenny scrutinised
     -Physique's elastic
     -Skin tones for
Top down Jane blocked off
Goings on, peering
At wall stains
     -Tim brandished pencil,
     -Michael Press program's
     -Damp water
     -Mark John's way;
Arranged Jane resolved
The mounting tension,
'I have the
Coffee set,'
     -Marc mimicked airborne
     -Plane on Morris's,
     -Lenny's heads,
     -'Bombs away!'
'There is a balance
To be maintained,' wigged
Out Edward,
As Agnes,
     -Edwin nagged her, as
     -Him, 'That's the Mrs.
     -Last sandwich,'
'Parlance ham-fisted,'
Maurice observed of
Paper plate
     -Tony butted in,
     -'No matter how you
     -Slice it, so...
      -Out to lunch;'
'If I could wrap my
Hands around,' Michael
De called it:
     -Gene reconfigured,
     -'Stations sans de Croix'
     -'Upside down!'
     -Michael howled;
'Make a cushion in
Your head for the street,'
Mused Scott, with
Downturned bowl,
     -Maggie frowned, beat source
     -Clammed, Richard, Clinton
     -Proposed an
Arnold nosed garbage,
Boosted the meat source
For his 'Red
Eye of Love,'
     -Kenward whispered that
     -He corresponded
     -As heiress
     -With grocers;
Maxine misheard that 
Vincent was 'gorging,'
John's prive
Coup de corps,
     -In Vermont, Ron blew
     -His blaze cinder boards
     -To great balls
     -Of fire;
Kenneth revait Red
Robin formation,
Yeats' gyre
     -Barbara found Morris
     -On his knees, wrapping
     -Up slippers
     -For Wystan. 

26 May 2020