Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Henry Geldzahler 4 October 2016

(Henry Geldzahler, top, 1982, bottom, 1984) 

[Framed], hand over hands
Passed, sightlines
     -New York apartment,
     -School, show, grant, travel,
     -Seated at
     -Right elbow;
Divergence, open
     -Cut out drawing book
     -Models to copy,
Absolute Warhol,
Production silkscreens,
To still lives,
     -Tried paper hats, art
     -School, ad. agency
     -Mailroom, ice
     -Cream parlor;
Rauschenberg combine,
Art/Life embedded,
Stella, sketch,
Shape, attack,
     -Left, arc, centered, two
     -Sets, parallel lines,
     -Caran d'ache,
     -Pentax, brush glued;
Segal, white figures,
Objects, encountered,
Kelly, hands
On color,
     -Black on white, coffee
     -Shop life, hands hold cups,
     -Clothes wrapped, pinned,
     -Faces speak;
Hockney, note taking
Observer, sketching
Foreign and
     -Chainsmoking student,
     -Artist's guest, sitting
     -In silence
     -As film made;
Academic skills,
California sights,
     -Toes testing, talk, dives
     -In, travel, lessons,
     -Breaking through
     -Splashed with ink;
Absorbed subverting
Spacial renderings,
     -Distracted: drawings
     -Gotham Gallery,
     -Prints grant, nights
Scaling Parisian
Heights, retrospective,
Mount Fuji,
Movie flash,
     -Suds relaxed painter
     -Confronts canvas in
     -Pissoir claimed
     -Basement space;
Draw to find, pose's
Wrap turned inside out,
Slipped off, the
Lining plain,
     -Drawn toward likeness, an
     -Inching along crawl,
     -Jigsaw fit;
Clemente, corpus
Out front, quotations
Subsumed, scrolls
Kept churning,
     -Dark smoking jacket,
     -Striped rugby shirt, eyes
     -Gazing at
Chia, same stand-in
Anti-hero reams,
Human scale,
In colors,
     -Painter, sitter float
     -Apart in two boats,
     -The distance
Baselitz, taking
Out content, meaning
By painting
Upside down,
     -Tradition freighted,
     -Title fronted, slumped,
     -Down-turned mouth,
     -Plastered hair;
Baselitz, without
Talent you invent,
Tag same old,
     -Second cannonballs,
     -Glasses transparent
     -To eye's glint,
     -Soul revealed;
Basquiat, mixing
Black magic markers,
Drawings, lists,
Paint, anger,
     -Clouds rake light, tide rolls
     -Rhythmic, salt sprayed licks
     -Leaving sand

4 October 2016

Donald Britton 26 August 2016

(Tim Dlugos, Dennis Cooper, Donald Britton 1983, bottom image)

We sat around back
Lighting cigarettes
With last night's
     -Shot looking straight at,
     -Fast forwards- rewinds
     -Lost: cut jumped;
We arrived to find
Rooms already gone,
Buildings torn
Down rebuilt,
     -Camera's lens and
     -Metal too Swiss made
     -Precise for
We stayed too late, made
Held our breaths,
     -Noon humidity
     -Wilted starched collars,
     -Soaked through stiff
We fell in, got stirred
Surfaced, and were pulled out
In wrong clothes,
With Band-Aids,
     -Roller coaster car
     -Hooked to swerve behind,
     -Bring the curves
     -Back to lines;
We were heard, singing
To the choir, on
Grove Street, in
A corner,
     -Fanning frankincense,
     -Fart stink, fine talc, smoke
     -Signals sent
     -By mistake;
Mother's wary face
From within a wrapped
Towel holding
Clump in place,
     -Subway screech clipping
     -Platform of
Transmigration from
Mother to son left
Him pressed suit
In closet,
     -Tourist face stuck through
     -Photo cut-out board
     -A building;
Man next to man next
To man assembled,
A tree falls
In Brooklyn,
     -3/8, 2/8, left
     -3/8 in, exact,
Set to spin, shapes were
Reconstrued, colors
Their dyes tied,
     -Plastic surgeon, crown
     -Reconfigured, drilled,
     -Thoughts disgorged;
So much to be squeezed
On, scraped off, piled back,
Stirred, heard, dreamt,
     -Drumhead secured, brush
     -Slowly passed across

26 August 2016