Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Duncan Tucker 20 February 2018

                   (Duncan Tucker, 1981)

Drawings blanket walls,
Faces plastered, teeth
Nails rebuffed,
     -Lessons suspended,
     -Close friends sustained in
     -Flailing, felled;
Muses ascending,
In sofer's
     -By your rendition,
     -Boys bared Pilgrim souls
     -When cruised in
     -Ninth Circle;
Boots lined corridor,
Jeans gathered at their
Ankles, locked
Inside stalls,
     -No soles exposed, their
     -Privates showcased, knobs,
     -Dialed carnal;
Bodies purged on seats,
Remnants porcelain
Slid, scuttle
In pee soup,
     -He squeezed elixir
     -From key tubes fielding
     -Colors to
Uninstalled, addicts
Ambulate among
     -Brush flicks, primary
     -Yielding nuanced, some
Tweaking arrivals
Absolved, collegiates
Favor hits;
     -A conscious, turnstile
     -Embarkment; sub, sluice
     -Gate fluid
Bartending dealers
Pour libations, juice
Markup cue
Sticks wielding,
     -Lore's assignations
     -Dowse beneath fishbowl
     -Pissings on;
Balls of equal size
Kissed through completion
Of stroke, read
The rule book,
     -Spine cracked sissy boys'
     -Vellum thumbed over
     -Felt's velvet,
     -Cushioned, bed;
Balls pressed together
So that they each have
Contact with
The other,
     -Surgically taped,
     -Tethered to curtained
     -Rod, abridged
Corner-hooked, when shaft
Makes call shot, pockets
Balls, dollars
On table,
     -Quick earner's life raft,
     -Commodity trade,
     -Booked on site
Third shift transitions
Astride cab's bench seat
With enough
Room for all,
     -Dreams, stuff, jotted down,
     -To read out;
Cased, made up, tricked out,
Squared, butched up, worked out,
     -To audience of
     -One paid to listen,
Slide out, one foot in
Cab, one on sidewalk,
Drivers' eyes
Offer tips,
     -Visualised as
     -Echoed, unfolding
     -On the walls,
     -Then erased;
Believers strut, bones
Walked, swayed by grace notes,
On bootlegs,
     -Sneakers deprived in
     -Lotus position,
     -Blunt pencil
     -Stub foisted;
An over the top
Art performance done
On site to
Get bookings,
     -Headlamp's allowance,
     -Headlight's conveyance,
     --Strafe, resolve
Embroidered slit switch,
Avoided deep throat
Traveled light,
     -Coffees set down, sketch
     -Book slid, jacket stowed,
     -Night's slick borne
     -To shy glance;
Wife beater, muscles,
Embellished macho,
Monster, shrunk,
     -Athlete's white, crew socks,
     -Aesthete's crayon box,
     -Game pieces;
'Take out the faggot!'
Drive-by Jersey males
Jump tank-top
Outside bar,
     -Unnatural voids
     -Teeter triptych, drunk
     -Wage skirmish;
Mini-skirted, pink
Wigged, handbag swinging
Beats off males,
     -Paint to voice, poet's
     -Words a consciousness
     -Streamed through oils
     -On canvas;
Domicile transferred,
Rearview mirror, mail
     -Loafers for sneakers,
     -Stiff soles cross polished
     -Hardwoods of
20 February 2018



Saturday, September 30, 2017

Ken Kosillian and Jim Kessling 6 December 2017

(Ken Kosillian?)

                      (Ken Kosillian, 1982)

                     (Jim Kessling, 1982)

(Jim Kessling, 1982)

Eyes stare unblinking,
Inscrutable, thoughts
Revolve in
     -Burial shovel
     -Scrapes recalcitrant
     -Crust, working
     -At edges;
Nape warms, shirt's collar
Hedges, throat's downward
V first play,
           -Clay embedded rock
     -Impedes inroads, each
     -Squelch marking
     -Inch achieved;
Dabs, brushed spots, perceived,
 Rustle canvas flat,
Fluids slosh, 
Rhythmic thrum,
     -Seismic discharge, aged
     -Sediment, levered,
     -Leaving jigged
Chest compressions pegged
To tight scrutiny,
Given out,
Taken in,
     -Indentured routine,
-Disentangling a
     -Faceoff with
     -Long held roots;
Compelled engagement,
Equivalent formed
Adam from
     -Ground aggregate raked,
     -Minerals, earth tones
     -Across field.

19 October 2017

Close apprehended,
Flat circumstance of
Cake batter,
     -Submerged transcendence
     -Shouldered, smooth defaced
     -With wrinkled
Wide-screen replicate,
Stutter redacted
When keeper
Sent on break,
     -Scale leaps, restraining
     -Stanchions, rope toppled,
     -To lightness;
Full Cape to mansion
Transmogrified the
Of shelter,
     -Beethoven delving
     -Silence composes
Tympanic cadence,
Steady buzz going
Down, massaged
Of message,
     -Surreal Socratic
     -Dialogue floats that
     -Herds contrails;
Mono lithe, mythos
Antidote, shirt thrown 
On, fingers
Run through hair,
     -Barber ruffled top,
     -Shook out drape, Butt rode
     -Chair back, boy's
     -Eyes twinkled.

9 November 2017 

Shirt off kilter, fence
Post neck embraces
Flower pot
Spider plant,
     -Checkpoint misaligns
     -Features, visor pops
     -CV in
     -Ghost's retreat;
Locked up in masked guise,
Scratching at sutured 
Lines for blood
Coursing through,
     -Husk shattered under
     -Detachment pressure,
Muttered appraisal
Broke spell, compelling
Scoping out,
     -Clairvoyant, tacking
     -Port resurrected
     -Sail which caught
     -Winds blown past;
Clear-sighted in close
Quarters, jackhammer
Heart rattles
     -Thoughts sewn fast, eyes knot
-Buoy below deck
     -Crow's nest kept
Rethinking allowed
Virile conveyance,
Once harbored,
Now floated;
     -What sunk when yellows,
     -Blues washed, flushed in reds,

6 December 2017





Friday, August 4, 2017

Craig Emerson and Harvey Donegan 1 October 2017

(Craig Emerson, 1981)

(Harvey Donegan, 1981)

Decades' creased concerns
Sloughed, thinned hair troubles
Brushed back, seat's
     -Climber scales terrain,
     -Pores tackled often,
     -Shapes, angles,
Rote aphorisms
Skim, 'We Are Happy
To Serve You,'
Brims poison,
     -Lid popped, straight, charcoal
     -Slid back and forth to
     -Here and now,
     -I accept;
I admit to herd
Mentality, crowns
Royal glass
Sipper lips,
     -Smoker cured, whiskered
     -Lisp, 'Not a problem,'
     -Whispered, parched
Pitched revival called
Out, step-danced on first
Name basis
     -Sidestepped naysayers,
     -Co-dependent on
     -Horse betting
     -Tea readers;
Purchased western boots,
Grew mustache, blew straw
Men lurching,
Questioned booze,
     -Broke down, stopped cold, black
     -Drained, rappelled strafed cheeks,
     -The furrows
     -Beneath eyes;
I am, we will, said
Into collection
Box, spare change
Passed around,
     -Untangled discards
     -Salvaged, balled up in
     -Pocket of
     -Choir robe;
Penance, sopranos
Paired, dereliction,
      -A traditional
-Recitatif round,
     -Male, female
Pipes acapella
Brevis, vita purged,
Choir sings
Merci dirge,
     -Organ surged, lyre
     -Plucks from descending
     -Scale, heartstrings
     -Tugged ring bells;
Fling quelled, need blunted,
Hugged, taken in by
Group package
-Fragile passengers,
     -Seats bumped, connections,
     -Lodging, meals
Curtains, yanked past, heal,
Sun confronted washed
Across, held
Out promise,
     -Premise emboldened,
     -Skirted forehead, cheeks,
     -Chin, instilled

7 September 2017

Vantage collector,
Chinese, Italian,
Back turned, trick,
     -Profiled, spout protrudes
     -Harvey's mick kettle,
     -Polished black
Won't pretend, complaints
Admonished: work, tout
Sweet tea with
Southern drawl,
     -Source red sauced tank tops,
     -Playground demolished
     -Point guards, cleats
     -Chain link hooked;
Rook's trinkets, gleaned mounds
Acquisition forged
     -Deschabille claimant,
     -Gorge on pick-up game's
 -Center skin,
     -Shooting guard;
Thumb rubs, polishes,
Nose inhales, newsprint,
Soil, suitcase,
-Frisson of brute force,
     -Foes drubbed, co's high fived,
     -Train, bends, shrieks,
     -Curse invoked;
Purser's vowels leak, stall
Seller sighs, frantic
Birds squawk, trucks
Stalled honking,
     -Jocks' balls crushed, mid-thigh
-Gym shorts cut tight, cracks
-Gawked diving
     -For missed shots;
Hot pots hissed fire
Peppers, sweet chillies,
Crispy bites,
-Tested means, Chris's,
     -Bills, meat tastings lead
     -To hunger,
     -Skew'rd entrĂ©e;
Imbued quandary
Of dipping sauces, 
Tongues chasing 
Heat end burned,
     -Lick numbing glazes,
     -Deep breaths in and out,
     -Learn to pace
     -Turn tables;
Unstable dim sum
Dishes tipping course
Of travels
Hand to mouth,
     -Discourse summation:
     -Dimmed lighting, countless 
     -Hands and mouths 
Salvaged potentate
Of urban drab, Yuan
Earned squab, male
Birth control,
     -Bowled, Maidenhair fronds,
     -Regal girth stamping
     -Base metal
Frequently clamping
Two woodens, mine and
     -Brotherhood sampling
     -Has line snaking down
     -The block in
     -All weather.

1 October 2017

(Craig Emerson)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Omar and Mirsad 4 August 2017

(Mirsad and cousin 1983)

(Omar 1982)

(Omar 1982)

(Omar 1983)

A boy among men
In his skivvies watched
City which
Never slept,
     -Super's first born, freed
     -Kid, satyr,
     -Greek, man boy;
Cultures flake off walls,
Scuffed by soles, coat bare
Feet, swept up
In dustpan,
     -Layers peeled back from
     -First light's febrile dreams,
     -Dried slurry
Tethered to boiler
Clicks, trash hauler wails,
Fumes from roach
Spray, PineSol,
     -Cologne, cigarette,
     -Beer head, gathered, bar
     -Pitched tones, spun;
Albanian vowels
Bruised, lamb, fowl, stewed, New
York syntax
Chewed, bones gnawed,
     -Meat and potatoes,
     -Blackboard, scoreboard, words
     -Bored home, first
     -Basement, seconds?
Forehead rubbing, robbed
Of anguish, blemish,
Streaking smudge
     -Skeletal seams braced,
     -Face tapped, fault fractured,
     -Plates shifting
     - Each apart;
Larry's sneakers stride
Basement stairs, stop short
At mailbox,
Pedal off,
     -Posted sentinel's
     -Complicit notice
     -Of comings
     -And going;
Selves sung lockstep, night
Contained voyage out,
Worse for wear
Dodged shipwreck;
     -Comber with keeper's
     -Mien, left behinds
     -Prized, dropped change,
     -Lotto picks;
Triple planes, reversed,
Revered, reverted
To, ticket
     -Omar's collective
     -Breaths, lodged in doorframe,
     -Lessen, held
     -By pupil;
Detached regard, drill
Confident brandish,
Face off brims
     -Crayon charts terrain,
     -Lakes, elevations,
     -Thick forest;
Pipe played unravels
Basket sheltered snake,
Tongue flicking
Clench of teeth,
     -Pried off, stowed behind
     -Eyes, trusting child which
     -Coats surly
A feathers festooned
Frolic embodied,
In stiff neck,
     -Strands fingering tossed
     -Off, brows, nose, mouth slashed,
     -Peacock struts
     -His plumage;
Mounted heads regard
Execution spelled
Out, body
Taken in;
     -Unmoored survivor,
     -Life raft sent adrift,
     -The distance;
Generated heat
Disperses along,
Between, fuels
     -How to hold a hand,
     -(Arms pinned), fingers to
     -Wiggle out,
     -Palm to read;
Sounds recall, squeaking
Cart rolled across, Dior's
Click, child's: 'Hot','
Adult's: '...hand...'
     -Head contoured, edges
     -Squared, light packed into
     -Crayon box,
     -Shadows cross;
Copy Larry, sleeves
Rolled, shirt unbuttoned,
Both hands stuck
In pockets,
     -An American
     -Gothic, pared, cousins,
     -Pruned, their growth
     -Spurts, pitted;
Special treatment shown,
Soccer jersey tugged,
Fingers left
To fidget,
     -You turned thirty-six,
     -Could conjure, exact
     -From within;
Safe to fall, failure
Moment's eclipse, pain
Polar bear
Ocean plunge,
     -Face to sell, hard fought
     -Fix made up, red dots
     -And iced rocks
     -Floating off;
Skeptic of rent-roll
Provenance, neck chained
Or flipped coins,
     -Black out distractions,
     -Pigment, linseed brushed,
Guarded, carded, used
To bargain, win, when
Heated, to
Barge right in,
     -Hands burdened, door kicked,
     -Lights elbowed, things shed
     -Across, oils
     -Taken in;
That, left, launched back to
Father, bent, brother,
Blind, friends' brand
     -Wet board's paint danced, pulled,
     -Piloted over,
     -Unfurled to
     -Partner's lift.
  4 August 2017