Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Donald Britton 26 August 2016

(Tim Dlugos, Dennis Cooper, Donald Britton 1983, bottom image)

We sat around back
Lighting cigarettes
With last night's
     -Shot looking straight at,
     -Fast forwards- rewinds
     -Lost: cut jumped;
We arrived to find
Rooms already gone,
Buildings torn
Down rebuilt,
     -Camera's lens and
     -Metal too Swiss made
     -Precise for
We stayed too late, made
Held our breaths,
     -Noon humidity
     -Wilted starched collars,
     -Soaked through stiff
We fell in, got stirred
Surfaced, and were pulled out
In wrong clothes,
With Band-Aids,
     -Roller coaster car
     -Hooked to swerve behind,
     -Bring the curves
     -Back to lines;
We were heard, singing
To the choir, on
Grove Street, in
A corner,
     -Fanning frankincense,
     -Fart stink, fine talc, smoke
     -Signals sent
     -By mistake;
Mother's wary face
From within a wrapped
Towel holding
Clump in place,
     -Subway screech clipping
     -Platform of
Transmigration from
Mother to son left
Him pressed suit
In closet,
     -Tourist face stuck through
     -Photo cut-out board
     -A building;
Man next to man next
To man assembled,
A tree falls
In Brooklyn,
     -3/8, 2/8, left
     -3/8 in, exact,
Set to spin, shapes were
Reconstrued, colors
Their dyes tied,
     -Plastic surgeon, crown
     -Reconfigured, drilled,
     -Thoughts disgorged;
So much to be squeezed
On, scraped off, piled back,
Stirred, heard, dreamt,
     -Drumhead secured, brush
     -Slowly passed across

26 August 2016

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