Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Craig Emerson and Harvey Donegan 1 October 2017

                   (Craig Emerson, 1981) 

                  (Harvey Donegan, 1981) 

Decades' creased concerns
Sloughed,thinned hair troubles
Brushed back, seat's 
     -Climber scales terrain,
     -Pores tackled often,
     -Shapes, angles,
Rote aphorisms
Skim, 'We are happy
To serve you,'
Brims poison,
     -Lid popped, straight, charcoal
     -Slid back and forth to
     -Here and now
     -I accept;
I admit to herd
Mentality, crown 
Royal glass,
Sipper lips,
     -Smoking cured, whiskered
     -Lisp: 'Not a problem,'
     -Whispered, parched
Pitched revival called
Out, two-stepped on first
Name basis
     -Side-stepped naysayers
     -Co-dependent on
     -Horse betting
     -Tea readers;
Purchased western boots,
Grew mustache, blew straw
Men lurching,
Questioned booze,
     -Broke down, stopped cold, black
     -Drained off, rappelled strafed
     -Cheeks, furrows
     -Beneath eyes;
I am... we will... said 
Over collection
Box, spare change
Passed around,
     -Unraveled discards
     -Salvaged, balled up in
     -Pocket of
     -Choir robe;
Penance, sopranos
Paired, dereliction
     -A traditional
     -Recitatif round,
     -Mace, female
Pipes, acapella
Brevis, vita purged,
Choir sings
Merci dirge,
     -Organ surged, lyre
     -Plucks from descending
     -Scale, heartstrings
     -Tugged ring bells;
Fling quelled, need blunted,
Hugged, taken in by
Group package
     -Fragile passengers,
     -Seats bumped, connections,
     -Lodging, meals
Curtain, yanked past, healed,
Sun, confronted, washed
Across, held
Out promise,
     -Premise emboldened,
     -Skirted forehead, cheeks,
     -Chin, instilled

7 September 2017

Vantage collector,
Chinese, Italian
Back turned, trick,
     -Profiled, spout protrudes
     -Harvey's mick kettle,
     -Polished black
Won't pretend, complaints
Admonished: work, tout
Sweet tea with
Southern drawl,
     -Source red sauced tank tops,
     -Playground demolished
     -Point guards, cleats
     -Chain link hooked;
Rook's trinkets, gleaned mounds,
Acquisition forged
     -Deshabille claimant,
     -Gorge on pick-up game,
     -Center skin,
     -Shooting guard;
Thumbs rubbed, polishing,
Nose inhaled, newsprint,
Soil, suitcase,
     -Frisson of brute force,
     -Foes drubbed, co's high five,
     -Trains bend, shriek,
     -Curse invoked;
Purser's vowels leak, stall
Seller's sighs, frantic
Birds squawk, trucks
Stalled honking,
     -Jock's balls crushed, mid-thigh
     -Gym shorts cut tight, cracks
     -Gawked diving
     -For missed shots;
Hot pots, missed fire
Peppers, sweet chillies,
Crispy bites,
     -Tested means, Chris's,
     -Bills, meat tasting leads
     -To hungers,
     -Skewered entree;
Imbued quandary
Of dipping sauces,
Tongue chasing
Heat ends burned,
     -Lick numbing glazes,
     -Deep breaths, in and out,
     -Learn to Pace
     -Turn tables;
Unstable dim sum
Dishes tipping course
Of travels
     -Discourse summation:
     -Dimmed lighting, countless
     -Hands and mouths
Salvaged potentate
Of urban drab, brand
Earned squab, male
Birth control,
     -Bowled, maidenhair fronds,
     -Regal girth, stamping
     -Base metal
Frequently clamping
Two woodens, mine and
     -Brotherhood sampling
     -Has line snaking down
     -The block in
     -All weather.

1 October 2017



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