Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Philippe Tresserra 24 June 2016

(Philippe Tresserra 1981)

I couldn't tell so
I showed with body,
They always
Wanting touch,
     -You showed us yours in
     -Front of everyone
     -Outside at
     -The playground;
I make dance, very
Hard, they choose music,
Two song, clothes
On, clothes off,
     -We smiled, you smiled, we
     -Wanted to be friends,
     -You nodded,
     -We all smiled;
They want take pictures,
They keep, me copies,
Business man
And artist,
     -You came over, we
     -Had fun, posing you
     -Hands making
He asks what I want
Do, I say make dance,
He asks want
Go dance school,
     -China cup's hairline
     -Crack, rain, heard, not seen,
     -On cold plate;
He ask where I live,
I say hotel, he say
Stay in my
     -Ice shattered, black smoke
     -Billowed, boiled water
     -Splashed, a flushed
     -Look covered;
Words revolve hamster's
Wheel, swallowing noise
Peering through
The glass sides,
     -Stalking predator
     -Captures handily,
Rectangles rounded,
Circles squared, patterns
Spoken by
The bodies,
     -Given that moment's
     -Semblance of reading
     -Down wind of
     -Smoking gun;
Sequence built up through
Minimal movements,
Arms, hands, legs,
Feet, trunks, heads,
     -Shot centered, leg, slouched
     -Chest turned, head propped, in
     -Palette of
     -Blue and white;
Stage lights riveting
Eyes to dancer who
Sits on a
Wooden chair,
     -Requisitioned to
     -Sit, gaze deflected,
     -Boy subject;
Frozen on his chair,
Frozen on his face,
The magic,
     -Dancer found when eyes
     -Look, spotting him leap
     -Front the box,
     -Front the frame.

24 June 2016

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