Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Thursday, June 23, 2016

(Name Withheld) 14 July 2016

(Name withheld 1981) 

Room length wood bar, bar
Length mirror back, booze
Pours, prep boys,
Steak knife slots,
     -Koch, Krivit, Stormy,
     -Tree, Brad, Howard, Tim,
     -Rock, Andy,
     -Janis, Bill;
Eyeballs suspended
In wire sockets
     -Three sites, thrice circled,
     -Sitters clocked, sit on
     -Cocks of, known,
     -And renowned;
Green bottles, held out,
Sweat droplets, blue smoke
Launched toward the
Ceiling vents,
     -Male heads populate
     -Perimeters, weave
     -Among men
     -In crescents;
(Fanned out) Heineken,
Perrier, Woolrich,
Levi's, Hanes,
     -Tongue plunges, fingers
     -Twist, hand travels to
     -A foothold;
Yellow, eddies on
Side street pavement, and
Splashes as
Taxis pass,
     -Shadows shout out, then
     -Murmurings, measured
     -Footsteps, paired,
    -Lone siren;
Surplus mannequins,
Watch caps, striped scarves,pea
Coats, double
Breasted, black,
     -Cold night's breath, fleeting
     -Spectral conjectures,
     -Penciled sketch
     -Which feints lines;
Lights flicked, coats, - pockets
Bulked with caps, scarves, gloves-
The gauntlets
Slung on chairs,
     -Dueling images,
     -This, vulnerable
     -Soul, rendered
     -On fibers;
An unveiling, his
Pedestal knocked, the
Model falls
On his back,
     -Petals pulled apart,
     -Anther proffers it's
     -Prized granules;
Posed through periods
Pipe circulated
Hot, toilets
Flushed, trash dropped,
     -Resuscitate, mouth
     -On mouth pressed, stroking
     -Cheek, hair strands,
     -Finding eyes;
After, December,
Expression clothing
What dangled
Between legs,
     -Fairytale ice prince
     -Floated out to see,
     -At end of
     -Story bored.

14 July 2016

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