Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dennis Cooper 3 August 2016

(Dennis Cooper, left, Donald Britton 1984)

In the dreams, you are
Somewhat older than
The boys, but
Still are young,
     -In the dreams, you are
     -Surrounded by boys,
     -But can't find
     -One of them;
The boys are stoned and
Thin, beautiful, with
Asses of
Smooth promise,
     -The boys are arts schooled,
     -Or prep school athletes,
     -Frisky in
They dangle price tags,
Snag tight pairs of jeans,
Tangled tees,
Lipping joints,
     -They're scrubbed clean, clear skinned,
     -Two-for-one sippers,
     -Dressed up by
     -Store discounts;
They hang out under
Overhead's arm pit,
Eyes headlight,
Chickens winged,
     -Groupies, just roommates
     -Unglue, head, hunger
     -Urging, back
     -Brushed, heart's throb;
Trade stalls, window down,
Boys drift toward, lean in,
Squints, convo,
Boys slides in,
     -Photo booth curtained,
     -Mugshots flashed, gropings,
     -Lounge act bailed;
Zipper: car parked, dicks
Sucked, bills exchanged, boy
Takes off, man
Wipes, drives home,
     -Polaroid: drinks plied,
     -Small talk, shirts tugged, rest,
     -The bases
     -Are loaded;
Strip search: dressed/undressed,
Hands raised, mouth fingered,
Cock swabbed, ass
Spread wide, rimmed,
     -Pentax: exposure's
     -Island film sanded
     -Off to see
     -Their tan lines;
Subbing: selected
Roles played to death while
Gagged, costumed,
In dim light,
     -Super 8: ferried
     -Boy, paradise found,
     -Candy store
     -Skimpy suits;
Escort: hose lodged, shit
Purged, fingers to fist
Shoved, stretching
Fee to fear,
     -Pencil: hand en pointe,
     -Traveler packing
     -On the tour;
Wet dream: swim team stud
Tied to locker bench,
Suit yanked, sucked
Off, bullied,
     -Oil: absorbing taint's
     -Calculated spills,
     -Layers draw
     -In to cure.

3 August 2016


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