Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
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Friday, April 17, 2020

Morris Golde 26 May 2020

           (Morris Golde, March 1981)

Tim's note: 'A pretty
And pretty drunk blond
Boy (sporting)
A blazer,'
     -Ashbery party
     -Pretentious forsworn-
     -Before I
     -Quit drinking;
Tim, quoting Morris:
'An incredible
Beauty on
All levels,'
     -Circling the social,
     -Artistic, fish bowl,
     -Feeding off
     -The substrate;
Berkson on Village:
'Intense assertions,
Pro and con,
Gushes, slaps,'
     -Nonpartisan ponce
     -Allegedly quipped
     -Scorecard on
Impassioned broadside
Ricocheted dance floor,
     -Boston Virgil bear
     -Hugged Brooklyn Aaron
     -Shouting (S)te(i)n
Erick claimed a clear
Space, cantilevered
     -Frank stubbed cigarette
     -And cheered, 'I just thought
     -Something ought
     -To happen;'
Alvin sight read from
Lucia's sheets, nodding
To John at
     -Lenny scrutinised
     -Physique's elastic
     -Skin tones for
Top down Jane blocked off
Goings on, peering
At wall stains
     -Tim brandished pencil,
     -Michael Press program's
     -Damp water
     -Mark John's way;
Arranged Jane resolved
The mounting tension,
'I have the
Coffee set,'
     -Marc mimicked airborne
     -Plane on Morris's,
     -Lenny's heads,
     -'Bombs away!'
'There is a balance
To be maintained,' wigged
Out Edward,
As Agnes,
     -Edwin nagged her, as
     -Him, 'That's the Mrs.
     -Last sandwich,'
'Parlance ham-fisted,'
Maurice observed of
Paper plate
     -Tony butted in,
     -'No matter how you
     -Slice it, so...
      -Out to lunch;'
'If I could wrap my
Hands around,' Michael
De called it:
     -Gene reconfigured,
     -'Stations sans de Croix'
     -'Upside down!'
     -Michael howled;
'Make a cushion in
Your head for the street,'
Mused Scott, with
Downturned bowl,
     -Maggie frowned, beat source
     -Clammed, Richard, Clinton
     -Proposed an
Arnold nosed garbage,
Boosted the meat source
For his 'Red
Eye of Love,'
     -Kenward whispered that
     -He corresponded
     -As heiress
     -With grocers;
Maxine misheard that 
Vincent was 'gorging,'
John's prive
Coup de corps,
     -In Vermont, Ron blew
     -His blaze cinder boards
     -To great balls
     -Of fire;
Kenneth revait Red
Robin formation,
Yeats' gyre
     -Barbara found Morris
     -On his knees, wrapping
     -Up slippers
     -For Wystan. 

26 May 2020   


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