Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
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Monday, May 25, 2020

Henry Howard 11 July 2020

    (Study of Holbein's Henry Howard,                  Earl of Surrey, no date)

(My) '...achievement small
In scale and flawed...' I'm
'...merely a
Man who served,'
     -I contrived to show
     -Court bard broadside, through
     -Pains, travails,
A 'literary
Whose pen's work
Was 'distinct,'
     -Is still in print, as
     -Mercenary ken
     -Moves pieces
     -By default;
Faint praise when charged as
Borrower of text
In Latin
     -'Neither borrower
     -Nor lender be,' traced
     -Lines patterned
'Many things tasting
Of a noble mind,'
Sir P. S.
Tongued the block,
     -Too 'tender aged,' lodged
     -Predilection when
     -Ranked, Chaucer,
     -Spenser, you;
'Words, words, words,'
     -Illustrator's stirred
     -Incubus foments
'Victorious his
Lance, matchless his pen,'
Bird laments,
     -'Perchance to dream' that
     -Prick-tease heralded
Windsor, wherein seems
Lust and joy did tread,
Pleasant dreams,
Quiet bed,
     -Tendrils extracted
     -Of boy's foolery,
We have fought and chased
In active games, rein
Nimble braced,
We did strain,
     -I have lain, encased
     -In cornstalks, food brought,
     -Left in peace
     -My gamble;
No secrets forborn,
Or promise unkept,
Friendship sworn
Where trust leapt,
     -Lawrence's pencil,
     -Adept in kinship's
     -Fist, garnered
Blood forsakes my guise,
Where is my fere, whom
Woes freed, lies,
Plaints entomb,
     -Boxer's torso, knee,
     -Pubic plaits festooned
I see that things pitched
Not as outward poke,
Wrapped in stitched,
Crafty cloak,
     -Courtier Lawrence
     -Engaged attentions
     -To flesh out
Garments to clothe your
Naked man suffice
To lecture
Clad in vice,
     -Moth furred armature
     -Swept from sedulous
     -Heads fixed by
By princely acts I
Strove to make endure,
Houses high
Set my cure,
     -Royalty's mister
     -Courted credentials
     -To stave off
An heir unaligned
Shall reap fruits I sow,
Goods resigned,
Title crow,
     -Each peer survived suits
     -Lifetime succession,
My soul offended
With griefs of follies,
Bells mended,
Scourged mollies,
     -Myself confounded
     -By bailiffs' warrants... 
Burdened dissolute
At the Lord's behest,
'Til refute
Viper's nest,
When sudden storms heave
Falsehoods to assail,
Crosswinds reave,
Safe ports fail,
These newly risen
Men would by their wills
Chosen krill,
Scarce hath seed formed man
When death leads to earth,
Branchs' span
Lopped from birth,
Self-containment staunched
Wounds, thrawlldom at large
Hath changed launched
Prison barge,

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