Takedown Portraits

Takedown Portraits
wrestling takedown

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Steve Hamilton 5 August 2020

               (Steve Hamilton, 198?)

'Today the toaster
Refused to toast the
Bread, reason
     -Last week, laundromat
     -Washer wouldn't spin,
     -Plugged in, lights,
     -Started, stopped;
'There's no reasoning
With these machines, so
There was a
Group: Luddites,'
     -Attendant looked, said
     -Something to herself,
     -Put up "Out
     -Of Order;"
'I'm seldom happy,
They said. Who could be
Happy at
Times like these?'
     -Given a token,
     -Laundry floated in
     -Dirt, water;
'The marvelous might
Be hiding under
The carpet.
Rip it up.'
     -If the sign is gone,
     -It's possible that
     -The washer
     -Has been fixed;
'I ripped the carpet
Up and I found dirt.
A pity.
Quel dommage.'
     -Also possible
     -That someone took off
     -The "Out of
     -Order" sign;
Left dirt behind, 'lost
Again when camel
Collapsed in
A desert,'
     -Commission relapsed
     -In Alex Katz's
     -'Nabil's Loft'
'Intrepid journey
To find Calypso
Singer, or
Water glass,'
     -An ipso facto


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